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DWTS General Discussion Thread 2.0


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There are a lot of choices in that article. LOL. Kristi in the Bottom 10, Donny not in the Bottom 10, Iman somehow escaping the bottom half of the ranking, and Nyle being #1 when there are much better winners right there. :wacko: 


The only good thing they did is put B*bby B*nes dead last where he belongs.

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54 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I fail to see the issue with this. 

I like Iman, but based on dance ability, there are definitely 15 winners who are better dancers than him.


55 minutes ago, Elliott said:

…Jordan Fisher’s straight?

Yes… :dead: 

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The EP has been fired! 




The show remains an important player to ABC though its days of raking in huge profits are over. Banks has polarized viewers with her awkward banter and indulgent gowns. Her grand entrances also replaced the traditional opening numbers, which didn’t go over well with the pros who were already miffed by the show’s decision to zhuzh up the performances with fancy lighting and busy backdrops.


“We’re not a music video,” one of the veteran pros tells Deadline. “We’re not the MTV music awards. We’re a ballroom dance show. The screensavers behind us are swallowing us. Like, this is not what ballroom dancing is. It’s an intimate sport. You’re missing the actual feeling from what we’re supposed to be giving the audience. You’re supposed to tap into our story and we’re supposed to tell it through movement. You lose the essence.”



Dare I say good riddance?

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