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6 minutes ago, TVshowFAN said:

1. Amanda 

2. Isis

3. Catherine

4. Chantelle

5. Fatima

6. Eugena

7. Elyse



1. Furonda

2. Leslie 

3. Robin

4. Kristin

5. Shandi

6. Angelea

7. Liberty

Leslie getting some random love. :haha:

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27 minutes ago, rdhaley96 said:

Honestly, agreed. I think people are voting her last on purpose since she's the biggest threat to get back in (rather than judging the photos on merit). 

This definitely wasn’t my reason as I’m still in the competition so it wouldn’t matter to me if she came back or not since my spot isn’t in jeopardy. :haha:


I could see that argument holding some weight with the comeback contestants though. :haha:


@kenboy123 already said he’s voting whoever comes back last all the time so whoever does come back, good luck. 🍀 

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Just now, 1234567890 said:

@Gonzalo, I saw the original photos of Amanda from that shot and there is one I wished you picked instead because I feel it would have gotten FCO for sure. :( 


I’ll show you which one after the elimination though. :haha:

I think i know what you say but i dont find that  in HD and the votes punish de low quality.. .. 

But i have like two more shoot that fit in this consign but i am keeping for the next stages... 

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #4 THEME ANNOUNCED (C26)!!!

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