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ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #12 THEME POSTED (C26)!!!


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Winner Announcement

Two stunningly beautiful, vivacious, and driven women stand before me. You both have undeniably made very compelling cases for why you should win this cycle.

Eva, you came into this competition a little rough around the edges, and your first few weeks were not your strongest. However, not too long after that, you shot up in the rankings and from week 4 forward, you were never called outside the top 3. We've loved seeing your growth in this competition; not just in your modeling abilities... but also as a person. You entered this competition a firecracker, and while you learned how to better present yourself, you never lost that classic Eva spunk.

Yaya, you started this competition better than anyone I've ever seen, taking four phenomenal pictures from back to back. While you weren't quite as strong in later weeks, you were still very much a formidable competitor, and in these last couple weeks, you've bounced back magnificently. We feel like you've also seen a lot of personal growth in this competition. Your attitude occasionally came across as superior, but when you let your walls down a bit, we saw someone who isn't just eloquent... but passionate and inspiring.

The two of you both have your fair share of fervent and devoted fans, and both groups rallied hard for the two of you. Nonetheless, we do have a winner. By a score of 10-5, the winner of cycle 3... is...









































:clap:EVA!!! :clap:


Congratulations, Eva! This wasn't an easy decision at all, but in the end, you came out on top. Like I said, we've seen you grow so much and in more ways than one. You truly have become a fantastic model, and you have without a doubt earned this win.


Yaya, you would have also been a very worthy winner, and if a few other people voted differently, you very well may have been. Regardless, you've done terrifically in this competition, and I see very bright things in your future.

Now it's time for both of you to get out of here and go make your marks on the industry!

~Winner's Portfolio~




























Here are the results of the portfolio battle:


Week 1: Eva - 1 / Yaya - 18
Week 2: Eva - 6 / Yaya - 13
Week 3: Eva - 2 / Yaya - 17
Week 4: Eva - 7 / Yaya - 12
Week 5: Eva - 16 / Yaya - 3
Week 6: Eva - 17 / Yaya - 2
Week 7: Eva - 11 / Yaya - 8
Week 8: Eva - 11 / Yaya - 8
Week 9: Eva - 18 / Yaya - 1
Week 10: Eva - 16 / Yaya - 3
Week 11: Eva - 16 / Yaya - 3
Final Runway: Eva - 9 / Yaya - 10
Winner Pick: Eva - 10 / Yaya - 9


And here are the end of cycle stats -

Most FCOs: Eva and Yaya (3)
Most Bottom 2 Appearances: Nicole (4)
Biggest Rise in Placement: Nicole and Toccara (+2 spots) 
Biggest Fall in Placement: Ann (-3 spots)
Best COO Average: Yaya (2.636) (Eva actually placed fourth here [3.545] behind Amanda [3.273] and Nicole [3.4]).
Best Overall Score: Eva (This is calculated differently from COO Average).*


*A note about the overall scores is that the difference between Eva and Yaya at the end of the cycle was only .268%. Eva also didn't overtake Yaya until the very last week.




I feel like after our very... chaotic version of cycle 24, we needed a breather cycle like this one. We hardly changed anything! xD 8/14 contestants placed exactly the same here as they did in their original cycles, and the contestant whose spot shifted most (Ann) shifted only three spots. For comparison's sake, that's less of a shift than EIGHT of cycle 24's contestants had. With that said, I feel like this is a cycle that really didn't need to change much. It went pretty much almost exactly how it should have gone in real life, and all we had to do was polish it up a bit. :P


Anyway, thank you all so much for a great cycle! We had far more participation here than in any other cycle (including 19 votes in the portfolio battle). That's crazy! I'm definitely appreciative, haha.


Cycle 19 will kick off tomorrow!

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Photoshoot #1 - Taxidermy

(yeah this shoot sucks)


























































Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (13). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close tomorrow evening, so you have 30-36 hours to vote.



My Ranking:

1. Nastasia - This shoot is super campy, and I think she was the only one to truly embrace that. Still not a great picture, obviously. 

2. Kristin

3. Laura

4. Leila

5. Kiara

6. Victoria

7. Yvonne

8. Allyssa

9. Brittany

10. Maria

11. Destiny

12. Darian

13. Jessie

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #12 THEME POSTED (C26)!!!

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