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ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #1 THEME POSTED (C27)!!!


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1. Allison - I've always been obsessed with this photo. I just love her expression. 

2. Dominique

3. Kayla

4. Shannon

5. Lisa

6. Camille - I don't mind this shot. Expression is a bit dead, but she looks good and the body language is good. 

7. Bre

8. Laura 

9. Bianca - She looks gorgeous but this is an awkward photo. 

10. Angelea - I don't like this photo. There's just something about the pose + the expression that is reading a little tacky to me. 

11. Brittany

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1. Kayla - why is David turned away from the camera

2. Dominique - why is David off to the side

3. Allison - why is David all the way in the back out of focus

4. Shannon - why is David all the way in the back

5. Laura

6. Bre - why is David off by himself

7. Angelea

8. Brittany - where is David

9. Lisa - extra points because David is actually in focus

10. Camille

11. Biana - why is David off to the side


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Elimination #4

11 models stand before me, but I have just 10 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Dominique! This was your week, hands down. Nobody came even close to you in the votes. I'm not sure cycle 10 Dominique could have pulled this kind of shoot off, so I think that goes to show just how far you've come. Congratulations! Your score this week was 27.

Also safe are...


Allison - 67
Kayla - 72
Angelea - 74
Laura - 87
Bre - 88
Shannon - 98
Lisa - 105
Bianca - 113

Will Brittany and Camille please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Brittany, I actually really liked your picture this week, but the voters weren't as impressed. Overall, it feels like you're just coasting along in this competition. Camille, you've gotten progressively weaker in each shoot. You've aged beautifully since cycle 2, but all that personality you once had seems to have gone out the window.


Based on overall scores, only one of you will continue on. And that person is...


Congratulations, Brittany. We need to see you bring it as hard as you brought it on cycle 4, otherwise your time will be up sooner than later.

Camille, this means you are out. It's a shame to see you fizzle out like you did. Although your run this time wasn't great, I don't think anyone can take away from your legacy on cycle 2. Even though you weren't quite a legend here, you'll always remain a memorable figure. Best of luck to you.



~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~









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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ELIMINATION #4 POSTED! (C17)




Photoshoot #5 - Michael Jackson














































Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (10). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Friday morning, so you have about two days to vote.



My Ranking:

  1. Bre
  2. Kayla
  3. Shannon
  4. Allison
  5. Lisa
  6. Dominique
  7. Angelea
  8. Brittany
  9. Laura
  10. Bianca
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! PHOTOSHOOT #5 POSTED! (C17)
  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #1 THEME POSTED (C27)!!!

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