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ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #1 THEME POSTED (C27)!!!


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Elimination #1

13 models stand before me, but I have just 12 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Kristin! Your photo this week was probably as good as it could have been given the shoot. You're definitely a beautiful girl, and I think you have a lot of potential to take even better pictures down the line. Congratulations! Your score this week was 53.

Also safe are...


Laura - 61
Nastasia - 63
Leila - 71
Victoria - 85
Yvonne - 87
Allyssa - 110
Brittany - 110
Destiny - 117
Kiara - 118
Darian - 120

Will Jessie and Maria please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Jessie, your quirky look stands out from the pack, but it might not be a look that's as versatile as we need it to be. Your picture this week was bland. Maria, you are clearly a beautiful woman, but you're not putting that beauty to good use. We're concerned about your apparent lack of drive.


The two of you are at the bottom of the pack, but one of you will get another chance. And that person is...


Congratulations, Maria. Your picture this week edged out Jessie's. Moving forward, we need to see that you actually do want to be here.

Jessie, this means you are out. I'd say you definitely have your own niche, but I don't think you would have ultimately transformed enough to do well here. Regardless, I could see you doing decently on your own terms and in your own lane outside this competition. Best of luck to you.



~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~



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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ELIMINATION #1 POSTED! (C19)



Photoshoot #2 - Topless With Rob Evans







































(chose not to participate in the shoot, which in part led to her withdrawal)
















Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (12). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Saturday morning/afternoon, so you have about 40 hours to vote.



My Ranking:

  1. Kristin - This picture is phenomenal. Super interesting pose and composition, and her expression is killer.
  2. Leila - The most editorial picture of the bunch by far. Her expression is to die for. If she gave a little more in her pose, this would easily top my ranking.
  3. Victoria - She looks so sophisticated and classy in this picture. There's a serenity here that really works for her. 
  4. Nastasia - I like how she went for something different here and gave a more powerful shot. It's a great picture.
  5. Allyssa - Total bombshell. This picture is overall extremely solid; I just prefer the four above her.
  6. Laura - It's a very intriguing shot compositionally, and I love the tension in her pose and the powerful look in her eyes. 
  7. Brittany - It's a good picture, but I'm not blown away by it. My biggest issue is that she's unrecognizable here.
  8. Kiara - It's definitely an interesting picture, and I actually really like her profile. I don't have any true complaints; it just doesn't leave a big impression.
  9. Destiny - Her expression in this picture is beautiful, but the body is meh. 
  10. Yvonne - I like the motion here, but like Brittany, she's not recognizable as herself. The light is hitting her all wrong.
  11. Darian - I actually really like the composition of this shot, but her expression looks strained and uncomfortable.
  12. Maria - For obvious reasons.
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! PHOTOSHOOT #2 POSTED! (C19)

Such a vast improvement over the first week. These actually are good.


1. Victoria

2. Kristin

3. Laura - I hate the hands then I love the hands, idk she got me confused. I think I like the picture.

4. Leila - not quite enough effort here for me but very nice

5. Brittany

6. Allyssa  - Florida State University represent, that's my undergrad

7. Darian - I liked her last week too

8. Kiara - wtf is this... she is always doing the most... but I actually don't hate it

9. Nastasia - this is a miss for me

10. Yvonne - love the idea and that she found the camera but don't like that the middle is just panties

11. Destiny - she hasn't seemed like a model to me yet

12. Maria - No one did bad enough to warrant Maria to be ranked any higher. 

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! WEEK #1 THEME POSTED (C27)!!!

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