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Did y‚Äôall know Jourdan was married and divorced at 18 ūüėģ¬†

Yeah, so about that...   I'm actually going to be putting this game on a brief hiatus for the next few days. I just got hired for a new job, and I have to go through a bunch of bureaucratic

Winner AnnouncementTwo gorgeous, passionate, and talented women stand before me, but only one of you can win. CariDee, you came into this competition a bit kooky and not so put

Posted Images

1. Melrose

2. AJ

3. Brooke

4. Caridee - Clearly an UO to rank her this high, but I really like the wink¬†ūüėā

5. Michelle

6. Amanda

7. Megan

8. Eugena

9. Anchal

10. Christian

11. Megg

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Elimination #3

11 models stand before me, but I have just 10 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Melrose! This picture is absolute fire. You weren't winning the votes at first, but the last voter put you on top, and in my opinion, deservedly so. Congratulations! Your score this week was 50.

Also safe are...


AJ - 54
Amanda - 59
Brooke - 68
Michelle - 90
Anchal - 113
Megan - 129
Eugena - 139
CariDee - 141

Will Christian and Megg please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. I'm going to make this very clear: you've both landed in the bottom two previously, and quite frankly, both of you deserve to leave this week.


Based on overall scores, though, only one of you can continue on. And that person is...


Congratulations, Christian. At this point, you'll need to pull out all the stops. You're toast otherwise.

Megg, this means you are out. Like I said last week, you really have an amazing spirit, and I can see you going on to do great things, be they in modeling or elsewhere. Unfortunately, though, you just weren't cutting it against this group of girls, and that's why you're headed home. Best of luck to you.



~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~







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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ELIMINATION #3 POSTED! (C7)




Photoshoot #4 - Circus Freaks







The Cannibal





The Giantess





The Elastic Woman





The Elephant Woman





The Weather Girl





The Bird Lady





The Ringleader





The Aged Woman




Michelle and Amanda

The Siamese Twins




Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (10). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Wednesday or Thursday evening, so you have 2-3 days to vote.



My Ranking:

  1. CariDee - Sensational.
  2. AJ - ^
  3. Megan - This is stunning, ngl.
  4. Michelle
  5. Melrose
  6. Brooke
  7. Eugena
  8. Anchal
  9. Amanda
  10. Christian - Time to go.
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! PHOTOSHOOT #4 POSTED! (C7)

1. Anchal - am I the only one who LOVES this shot of Anchal's? LOL. This photo has a serene quality to it that I just love.

2. AJ

3. CariDee

4. Brooke 

5. Melrose

6. Michelle

7. Amanda

8. Megan 

9. Eugena 

10. Christian

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1. AJ

2. Caridee

3. Eugena

4. Melrose

5. Michelle

6. Amanda

7. Megan 

8. Brooke 

9. Anchal 

10. Christian


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I confuse the twins
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! PHOTOSHOOT #2 POSTED! (C12)

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