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Elimination #9

6 models stand before me, but I have just 5 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Jaslene! The voters loved your fun approach to the brief this week. Most of the others went for that more classic look, but you set yourself apart by bringing a ton of personality to the shoot, and that paid off in spades for you. Congratulations on your second FCO to date! Your score this week was 31.

Also safe are...


Raina - 39
Mamé - 41
Jeana - 50

Will Danielle and Lenox please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Danielle, you have one of the biggest legacies to live up to, and so far, you've done well in this competition. However, other than a few shoots, we haven't seen your star shine as brightly as we know you're capable of. Lenox, this is really just a formality at this point. 6 times in the bottom out of 9 weeks. You've definitely defied the odds, but has your time here finally run out?


By just six votes, the person staying is...


Congratulations, Danielle. You finally ended Lenox's reign of terror. I suppose now is when the real competition begins.


Lenox, this means you are out. Your journey really has been something remarkable, hasn't it? While you might have gotten here by the skin of your teeth each week, I don't think your book is anything to sneeze at. Still, even with virtually no chance of winning, I have to commend you for giving it a good go and plowing along as long as you did. Best of luck to you.




~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~






















~User Unmasking~

Since Lenox has been eliminated from the game, I can now reveal their user. Drumroll please...


































Lenox: ME :stealth: :muwahaha:


  Yep, I was a secret contestant this season! After everyone had signed up as their first contestant, I decided to sign up as Lenox before I opened it up to two contestants per user. I thought it'd be fun to join my own game anonymously and see how well I could hang with some of the big dogs.~


Seeing Lenox's journey unfold was, uh, interesting. Out of principle and in order to keep things fair, I always made sure to choose my picture for the week before seeing anyone else's submissions. Some weeks, I thought I nailed it. Obviously, you guys didn't see it that way. :haha:


At first, seeing Lenox flop was frustrating, but I ultimately ended up finding it hilarious that I was iconically bad at my own game. :dead: For better or worse, the new format ended up working in my favor, and I (regrettably) ended up robbing contestants like Lacey and India who actually did have a chance to win. That I do feel bad about, haha. But I had a lot of fun seeing how far I could ride the hype and the slight cult following I was developing with Lenox. I'll definitely miss that moving forward. That said, with me and my giant flop a$$ out of the way, the real competition is now underway!


The new theme will be posted later tonight, so stay tuned!

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Week #10 Theme Announcement


Last week, you were fun but classy. This week, the class goes out the window. Your theme is...































Cycle 17's Catfight!


For this photoshoot, you'll want high-intensity, dynamic pictures. More than any other week, this is the week to truly give it all you've got and go completely crazy. While you'll obviously still want to create a fashionable image, nailing the character is the most important part of the brief.


Because of the holidays, you'll have a little longer to work on your pictures. Photos will be due Monday evening, so you have about four days to submit (though obviously, extensions can be granted like always). Have at it!

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