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Did y’all know Jourdan was married and divorced at 18 😮 

Yeah, so about that...   I'm actually going to be putting this game on a brief hiatus for the next few days. I just got hired for a new job, and I have to go through a bunch of bureaucratic

Boom, Tatianna lives on as Angelea. Everyone wins. Huzzah.     

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2 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Honestly, remembered Kahlen’s photo being worse than it actually is. Maybe not having to watch the video footage of her being awkward at the shoot helps.


Same. The shot is still horrendous, but not as horrendous as I previously thought? LOL.

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Elimination #10

4 models stand before me, but I have just 3 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Brittany! This was yet another great week for you. You've truly hit your stride in South Africa. Congratulations on your fourth FCO in this competition! Your score this week was 23.

Also safe is...

Michelle - 45

Will Christina and Kahlen please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Christina, you take some of the most consistent pictures from week to week, but you're ultimately not that memorable in photos or in person. You're definitely talented, but I don't feel like we know you. Kahlen, you've had a more turbulent journey compared to Christina. Your highs have been higher, but your lows have been lower. This week, you took probably your worst photo in the entire competition.


Based on overall scores, only one of you can continue on. And that person is...


Congratulations, Kahlen. Your body of work isn't as consistent as Christina's, but your higher highs saved you. Now is not the time to falter, though.

Christina, this means you are out. You definitely have a lot to be proud of, because I think you took some truly stunning pictures in this competition. I think if modeling is still a dream for you, you for sure have the talent to do some great things. Best of luck to you.



~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~





















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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ELIMINATION #10 POSTED! (C4)


Photoshoot #11.1 - CoverGirl Ad


















Photoshoot #11.2 - CoverGirl Commercial


















Like always, rank these pictures/commercials from best (1) to worst (3). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Friday morning/afternoon, so you have about 36-40 hours to vote.



My Rankings - 



1. Brittany - I think she could definitely do better than this picture, but it's a solid shot. It comes across confident and approachable.

2. Kahlen - I'm conflicted about this picture. I like that she went for something a bit more energetic, but it comes across kind of manic. It's a little much.

3. Michelle - It's cute, but I'm not blown away. I'm not sure how she would have done in real life, although I think she'd have an okay shot.



1. Kahlen - She was cute here! Not necessarily the most memorable take, but she delivered her lines well and looked great.

2. Brittany - I think if she could reel in the chaotic energy a bit, she could've been great. I'm kind of up in the air on how she'd do. 

3. Michelle - She would've probably been a mess here, although I do think the clip here isn't a bad one (minus the audio).

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! FINAL PHOTOSHOOT POSTED! (C4)

I'm going for the equalizer this round...HAHAHA....




1. Michelle

2. Kahlen 

3. Brittany 




1. Brittany 

2. Kahlen 

3. Michelle


This is NOT a throwaway vote, this is genuinely what I think makes the most sense...

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! FINAL 2 PORTFOLIO BATTLE POSTED! (C20)

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