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ANTM RE-Reloaded! All Cycles Completed!!!


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Winner Announcement

Two previous winners stand before me, but only one of you will be crowned the best of the best.

Jeana, you came into this competition swinging, earning best photo the very first week. While you weren't the most consistent throughout the competition after that initial week, you were definitely among the most creative, taking plenty of risks and going for very unconventional shots. That strategy ultimately paid off for you... but is it enough to get you the win against a threat like Raina?

Raina, your trajectory has been the opposite of Jeana's. You started the competition with a weak shot, but after that, you were nothing short of consistent. You earned more FCOs than anyone else this season, and that's largely because of how accessible your pictures have been. You weren't the biggest risk-taker, but you produced a great portfolio nonetheless. Did staying in your lane help you cross the finish line first?

Without further ado, by a score of 12-6, the winner of cycle 27 and the ULTIMATE winner of ANTM Re-Reloaded... is...
































:clap:RAINA!!! :clap:


Congratulations, Raina! Just like in your original run, your accessibility paid off for you big time. People love you, they love your look, and you know how to work that look! You killed it this cycle and absolutely deserve this win.


Jeana, just getting this far alone is a huge feat, because I'm not sure how many would have predicted it. Regardless, your journey over both cycles has been laudable, and you should leave with your head held high.

Now it's time for both of you to get out of here and go make your marks on the industry (again)!

~Winner's Portfolio~






























~Runner-Up Unmasking~

Alright, here we go. Drumroll please...






























Jeana:  @jarmon


  @jarmon, you did a fantastic job with Jeana. You came out of the gate with an incredible picture, and you absolutely produced a number of fantastic pictures after that. I've really loved your creativity this season. Your body of work definitely impressed me along with many others. Thank you so much for being a great part of this game. :hug:




~WINNER Unmasking~

And now, it's time to reveal which one of you came out on top. Drumroll please...






























Raina: @1234567890


@1234567890, you and Chris have been probably the two top dogs of the entire game, but just like the first time around, you came out on top yet again! I wasn't sure how you'd do with Raina, especially after losing Nicole immediately, but you quickly rose to the occasion and did a terrific job. You too have been an awesome part of this game, and congratulations on your second win! :spaz:




Here are the results of the portfolio battle:


Week 1: Jeana - 13 / Raina - 1
Week 2: Jeana - 3 / Raina - 11
Week 3: Jeana - 2 / Raina - 12
Week 4: Jeana - 1 / Raina - 13
Week 5: Jeana - 7 / Raina - 7
Week 6: Jeana - 8 / Raina - 6
Week 7: Jeana - 1 / Raina - 13
Week 8: Jeana - 9 / Raina - 5
Week 9: Jeana - 7 / Raina - 7
Week 10: Jeana - 6 / Raina - 8
Week 11: Jeana - 6 / Raina - 8
Week 12.1: Jeana - 11 / Raina - 3
Week 12.2: Jeana - 6 / Raina - 8
Winner Pick: Jeana - 6 / Raina - 8


And here are the end of cycle stats -

Most FCOs: Raina (4)
Most B2/3 Appearances: Lenox (6)
Best COO Average: Raina (2.75)



Aaaand that's a wrap! 


I started this game back in September of 2019, and I had no idea how everything would unfold. I knew I wanted to finish what @Zoey started many years before, but I also wanted to reboot those cycles since we had an entirely new crop of voters. Needless to say, the involvement from all of you over these 27 cycles was far and beyond anything I could have expected. I loved seeing all of the enthusiasm from the contestants and voters, along with a host of laughs, GIFS, and general craziness. I loved seeing @Alex95 post the callout charts for each cycle, which made everything feel so much more real. And overall, I loved just getting to share this experience with a fantastic community like this one. :yes:


I already shouted out the players of this season in the user reveals, but I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this game, whether you participated in just one cycle or all 27. Every one of you made this game that much more worthwhile for me, and that involvement and sense of camaraderie is something I'll definitely miss being at the forefront of. Who knows, maybe 3-5 years down the line, I or someone else will host ANTM Re-Re-Reloaded, LMAO. I'm definitely excited for @*Chris's take on a similar game, and I'm looking forward to being a part of that, too.


Alas, all good things come to an end. Best of luck to us, and now it's time for us to get out of here and go make our marks on the industry~! :w00twave:

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! WINNER REVEALED / FAREWELL (C27)!!!

Richard, thank you so much for keeping this game alive all the way to the end for 369 pages, over two years, and an entire forum reset. It has kept this special show on our minds and inspired new games, watch threads, and a lot of drama lmao. This is really quite an achievement so I hope you're proud of what you've done.


Jennifer Lopez Reaction GIF by NBC World Of Dance

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Thank you for the fantastic game, Richard ! I’ll try my best to make my game as epic as yours was !


Congrats Victoria on winning - the grand dame of ANTM : Reloaded ! You always manage to blow us away with your models !


Good job to Jarmon who did an excellent job with one of my favourite model from the last cycle. I believe you really found your footing with Jeana, and constantly choosing excellent pictures without afraid to take risk.

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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! All Cycles Completed!!!

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