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Elimination #12

4 models stand before me, but I have just 3 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is...


Isis! You really impressed me this week. I love that you took advantage of Pride Month to produce such a fitting and eye-catching cover! You've been a bit of a silent threat this whole competition, and I'm excited to see how you cap off your journey next week. Congratulations on your second FCO to date! Your score this week was 33.

Also safe is...


Catherine - 39

Will Amanda and Fatima please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Amanda, there's no doubt that you are very photogenic. You've taken some fantastic pictures in this competition, but there's also been a bit of inconsistency. Fatima, you too take incredible pictures. There have been many weeks where you've impressed, but you have a tendency to play it on the safe side.


Based on overall scores, only one of you can continue on. And that person is...


Congratulations, Fatima. This cover is absolutely gorgeous, but I can see why it landed in the bottom. You didn't really push the envelope as much as you could have. Fortunately, you'll get one more chance to do that next week!


Amanda, this means you are out. You've definitely had some ups and downs, but overall, you should be proud of your run in this competition. While you might not be a "model" in real life, you've certainly proven in both your cycles here that you can model your butt off. Best of luck to you.


~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~




























Thanks, @Gonzalo. You probably saw this one coming, especially since Amanda's momentum lately had lost some steam. Regardless, you did a great job with her. Making it to 4th place is definitely no small feat. I hope you participate again next season!



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1 minute ago, Solaris said:

I think we should skip the last photo shoot and let all 3 go head to head for the title.  Truly a brilliant run for all 3 ladies. 


I'm not posting a 3-way portfolio battle. :kissbye:


Besides, this last shoot should hopefully be a fun one!

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Week 13 Theme Announcement


After 12 long weeks, we're officially at the final hurdle before the finale! You've challenged yourselves in many different ways this cycle, but this week will be a brand new challenge. I've decided to take TWO randomized photoshoot concepts and combine them into one brief. You'll use both shoots as your inspiration to create a two-part editorial.


Your theme this week is...




































(C9 CoverGirl Queen Collection / C19 River Raft Love Triangle)


So here's how this will work. You'll each submit two pictures that tie both parts of the brief together. In both of your shots, you'll want to look regal, glamorous, and heavily-costumed (and hopefully somewhere tropical!). At the same time, since CoverGirl is part of the brief, you'll want to find or create something that will fulfill that portion of the assignment, too. Something seductive, romantic, but still marketable. Obviously, you should try to make both pictures as cohesive as possible, since you'll be submitting two-part editorials.


Submissions will be due Thursday evening, so about three days from now. If you need an extension, please ask. Failure to do so will result in me picking your model's picture for you (and I gave you all a glimpse of the types of pictures I'll be choosing, so... :kissbye:).

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Photoshoot #13 - Queen of the Tropics Editorial

(CG shoot is on the left; River Raft on the right)




catherine2.jpg catherine.jpg 


















Like always, rank these editorials from best (1) to worst (3). You'll be doing two separate rankings this week: one for CoverGirl and one for the River Raft shoot. Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Monday morning, so you have a little over two days to vote.



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