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3 hours ago, RTVFan said:

1. Hannah

2. Brittani

3. Alexandria 

4. Monique

5. Mikaela

6. Molly

7. Ondrei

8. Dalya

9. Jaclyn

10. Kasia

I just edited mine.


Jaclyn went from 4th to 9th, the current people in spots 4-8 all were one spot lower originally. 

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4 hours ago, *Chris said:

@rdhaley96 I will edit it once I see Ondrei's picture since it's broken. 

For some reason it's showing up as broken for me as well (as well as every non-canon photo from the previous weeks; the all-antm link might have to do with it). But I've been able to view them by right clicking and opening the image in a new tab, so I don't really mind; just an FYI for rdhaley. 

Edited by kebin65
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ALL CYCLES COMPLETED!!!

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