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5 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

My question is......how did y'all let Brenda get this far?!

I’ve been putting her in the bottom every week sans the first one where she crushed it. Same thing with Krista, but her good photo before last week and the dancing. 

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01. Alasia - Girl has been number one for three weeks in a row for me now. Work!

02. Krista - This is where she picks it up!

03. Alexandra - I don’t mind it.. I just like it more than any of the ones below.

04. Simone - Here by default.

05. Tatianna - Again, by default.
06. Jessica - I was going to rank this last based on how cheap it looks but she deserves to stay.

07. Raina - I HATE the styling on her here. It just doesn’t have the impact that Angelea’s or Alexandra’s does. Style over substance.

08. Brenda - It’s blah.

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I'll start by saying that I've never liked this shoot. I like the idea of the shoot (different type of New Yorker for a Covergirl shoot), but the styling is cheesy and the set-up for each shot is just so monotonous and bland. 


1. Krista - Good (not great) but still much better than her actual Covergirl photo!

2. Tatianna - I would have given this best photo but her lips just look really uncomfortable and throws off the shot for me. But the eyes are gorgeous and alluring!

3. Raina

4. Alexandra - This is such a Monet. Looks fabulous...until you zoom in on that face, then yikes. Yet this still ranks somewhat high for me cause I do not like these photos lol

5. Jessica

6. Alasia

7. Brenda - To be fair, the Where's Waldo styling isn't helping. 

8. Simone

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