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Winner Announcement

Two beautiful, talented, and passionate women stand before me, but only one of you can win.

Laura, you were a serious contender right out of the gate, landing in the top 2 four times in the first five weeks. Over time, your journey became rockier, but you never truly lost your status as one of the ones to beat. You've taken some truly incredible pictures throughout your time here, and you stepped up to the plate exactly when you needed to. You've also proven that despite your well-off background, you don't take things for granted and are remarkably driven and hard working.

Nastasia, you were more of a silent threat at first. Early on, you consistently landed in the upper callouts from week to week, but you weren't truly noticed until the Cheerleader photoshoot. After that, people began to pay attention. Despite not having highs as high as Laura's, it's hard to argue that anyone here was more consistent than you; you're the only model this season to never once fall outside the top 5 in week to week callouts. Like Laura, we admire your drive, passion, and positive attitude.

Both of you would be worthy winners, but obviously, there can only be one. By a score of 11-4, the winner of cycle 19... is...









































:clap:NASTASIA!!! :clap:


Congratulations, Nastasia! Your consistency was what earned you this win. That, and the fact that you stepped it up big time in Jamaica. You are so stunning and effervescent, and I truly believe you have it in you to do great things as a model. You have truly earned this win.


Laura, you put up a good fight, but your loss of steam towards the end was what cost you the win. Still, you should be proud of making it so far and doing such a commendable job here.

Now it's time for both of you to get out of here and go make your marks on the industry!

~Winner's Portfolio~




























Here are the results of the portfolio battle:


Week 1: Laura - 13 / Nastasia - 6
Week 2: Laura - 4 / Nastasia - 15
Week 3: Laura - 14 / Nastasia - 5
Week 4: Laura - 8 / Nastasia - 11
Week 5: Laura - 18 / Nastasia - 1
Week 6: Laura - 4 / Nastasia - 15
Week 7: Laura - 18 / Nastasia - 1
Week 8: Laura - 2 / Nastasia - 17
Week 9: Laura - 1 / Nastasia - 18
Week 10: Laura - 4 / Nastasia - 15
Week 11: Laura - 3 / Nastasia - 16
Final Runway: Laura - 5 / Nastasia - 14
Winner Pick: Laura - 5 / Nastasia - 14


And here are the end of cycle stats -

Most FCOs: Laura and Nastasia (3)
Most Bottom 2 Appearances: Brittany (4)
Biggest Rise in Placement: Allyssa, Brittany, AND Nastasia (+3 spots) 
Biggest Fall in Placement: Kiara (-6 spots)
Best COO Average: Laura (2.455)
Best Overall Score: Nastasia (This is calculated differently from COO Average).




Overall, I think we did a great job running this cycle! Some placements might have been a little bit questionable, but nobody really overstayed or understayed their welcome all that much in my book. I think with this final 3, I would have been satisfied with any outcome, but Nastasia winning just feels right, haha.


Cycle 4 got the most votes and will kick off in just a few hours!

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Great Top 3, great winner. I will always wonder if Nastasia would have won the cycle if Tyra hadn't started using that stupid/arbitrary point system. 


Cycle 4 is one of the greatest seasons of reality television ever created, so I'm curious to see how this goes.

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Great winner! Nastasia was definitely one of the most consistent girls this cycle and ended on a slam dunk!

And for all the crap Laura gets from the fandom, she definitely wasn't an undeserving winner. Yes, her rich girl, whiny personality could be irritating and she definitely faltered near the end (which made her win less compelling), but Laura turned out some incredible photos. While Nastasia's portfolio is definitely more consistent, Laura's highs were much "higher" for me. 


Also btw, I hosted an ANTM 19 Redo on Reddit and we ended up with THESE results, if anyone wanted to compare. We landed on the same winner! 

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Photoshoot #1 - Aliens in Manhattan






























































Like always, rank these pictures from best (1) to worst (14). Comments are optional (but always encouraged!). Voting will close Wednesday morning, so you have 40-44 hours to vote.



My Ranking:

  1. Kahlen - I don't care what anyone else says, she killed this. Her energy here is phenomenal. I love the angles, the expression, the drama. It's by far the best for me.
  2. Christina - Her pose is possibly the best this week. I love the edginess. I would've liked to see her bring more of that edge to her eyes, though.
  3. Noelle - Surprisingly, I think this is great. I love how she's kind of lost in the shadows, and the pose is very commanding. Even her eyes here work.
  4. Keenyah - The pose is 100% on point for me. She looks very powerful. If she opened her eyes more, I'd probably have this at #2.
  5. Naima - I love the edge she's bringing here, and the pose for the most part is great. I'm just not a fan of her limp arm on the car.
  6. Rebecca - Lots of people love this shot, but it's only halfway there for me. The pose is one of the best of the week. It's just a little too safe facially.
  7. Michelle - It's a super interesting picture, but it's a little strange to look at. It's technically not a good shot from a modeling perspective, but it's at least eye-catching.
  8. Tatiana - Like Michelle's, I'm not really sure how to feel about this. I like that she uglied it up a bit, but it's perhaps a bit too ugly in the face.
  9. Brandy - It's a solid picture. It's just a bit basic, though. I would've liked more commitment behind her expression.
  10. Tiffany - The body is great, but she loses me with the face. I don't think going profile was the best choice for this shot.
  11. Brittany - The close-up is good, but the body doesn't really work for me. It's a little too sexual/on the nose.
  12. Sarah - Her angles here are interesting, but it's not a very flatting shot. It just comes across as kind of awkward.
  13. Brita - The pose is solid enough, but the close-up is the weakest of the entire bunch. It doesn't fit the vibe of the shoot at all.
  14. Lluvy - It's just dead. There's no tension anywhere in this picture, and pose looks sloppy.
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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! PHOTOSHOOT #1 POSTED! (C4)
  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ANTM RE-Reloaded! ALL CYCLES COMPLETED!!!

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