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The Masked Singer 🦄 Season 3 FOX

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Between Idol, The Voice and this... so many great results for black women this week

he can be right for a change lol

Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick already eliminated?! I call bullsh*t!

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:lol: judges were clueless

Well at least they got the Chris part right when two of them guessed Darren Criss... :haha:



I only caught a few episodes this season and it was my first time watching... Think I'll stick with Idol. lol :P




Congrats to the Top 3 though. All very good peeps and singers! :wub:

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Ah yeah I knew all 3 of those final 3 for quite awhile. But it was super fun watching the show and seeing them get unmasked. All 3 brought it throughout the season an on the finale.


The judges did well in guessing Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Wayne Brady. But yikes they were so off base and never guessed Chris Daughtry. :dead:

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YES. I knew Rottweiler was Chris since before the season even began when I heard a two second clip of him singing "Grenade" in a commercial. :giggle: I wasn't even looking at the TV and was like "oh, hey Chris Daughtry's singing" and turned to see that adorable dog on my screen. :wub::dead: I feel so smart, even if all the fans knew it too. :bye2: It was almost like an Idol all-stars season for just him, which I so appreciate with all his amazing performances. :wub: omg all his little mannerisms with the paws were so precious. :giggle: Ugh, will miss Rottweiler. :broken:


(!) 29iQMbxAe4M (!)


I HAVE BEEN SLAYED. :dead: That was a winning performance if I ever saw one. :omg: Chills all over.


Congrats to the Fox, who was probably my second overall favorite. I love that we got a fox and the hound top 2! :giggle:


IPB Image


Rottweiler should have won, if for no other reason, than that the panel remained completely and utterly CLUELESS on him. :dead: And also because IMO he was the best and deserved this. At least he got his dues and so much love for his incredible voice (even though they continued to guess people that sound nothing like him). "Dog, you've had me all over the place." - Jenny. :dead: The panel's reaction to his singing unmasked said it all. (!) And yay Nick saying "what a treat" about having him on! :wub:


I did love Fox's final performance as well, especially with the rap he put in. :haha: Congrats Fox. :*


Rottweiler said his luck "wasn't good against a cat" :haha:

I caught it too. :giggle:


He should have won. Robbed again.



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I knew that was Adrienne and wanted her to win (I've been a huge fan of hers for years, always know my girls voice!) and I knew that was Chris Daughtry, also. Pretty good celebs this year! I am getting a tad sick of the show, but I will prob watch next season :P


Adrienne now give us a solo album or EP because that voice needs to be used girl!

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8 minutes ago, *Laci said:

Same! I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I have! :P

watched an ep of the korean one today, and i like the costumes better in the US version

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