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IDF Signature and Avatar Rules

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from cached view, but edited with new sizes

Every board has its rules to follow; it applies to users on IDF too. Please read the signature and avatar rules and make all necessary adjustments to your signature/avatar. Failing which they will be removed by any moderators or administrator without further notice.




Signature & Avatar Rules


We had to make some changes to the signature rules for the better of the forum. We've also finally added some rules for avatars as they were getting a bit carried away. The major changes to the guideline are bolded.


Image Rules


- 2 Images MAX per signature

- Image dimensions must not exceed 500x175 pixels - pixel space is including images and text

(If using 2 images, both must fall within 500x175. i.e. one 400x175 & one 100x175)

- File sizes of signatures must be no greater than 200KB (see below for tips on optimizing file size)


Text Only  Rules


- 5 lines at default signature text size

- The length of each line must not wrap


Image File Size


- The file size limit of your signature image is 200kb

- You can find out the size of your images by right clicking on your current signature image and going to properties

- Here's a few ways to decrease your image size:

  • For photos or pictures with many colors (this is what most images will be like): Always use JPEG format with a compression level of 10 or higher (or 90 or lower depending on your image software)
  • Don't use PNG or GIF format unless the image has very few colors or if there are large parts with the exact same color. Using PNG or GIF for photos will actually increase file size. PNG or GIF files should only be used with very small icon-size images (usually under 32x32 pixels)

Avatar Rules


- JPG/PNG/GIF avatars should be no greater than 60KB

- Image dimensions must not exceed 100x100 pixels

- Flash (SWF) avatars should be no greater than 400KB

- If sounds are used in your flash avatar, they may only play on click; no auto/mouseover sounds


-Images or text may not contain spam or self promotion


These rules are being inserted/changed to make Idolforums a better place for everyone to visit. Page load times should improve drastically with these changes. The forum moderators and administrators are on hand to answer your questions regarding the changes. If you have any questions there is an open discussion thread in Questions & Comments. We thank you all for your cooperation and continued support through our changes to keep Idolforums the best Idol related forum on the internet.



-- Neurox Media Administration

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  • 2 months later...

500x175 are still the rules as far as I know, just because it's letting you post larger ones doesn't mean they fit within that rastashifty.gif

the Admin will have to figure it out if they want scrollbars again, or other arrangements

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16 minutes ago, frederick said:

I want them to be the size that they were atleast. My avatar that I had before is now "too large" when it wasn't before.

oh yah, I see now, the new thing has it "The file must be smaller than 0.09765625MB." maybe admin can up that

for now, I optimized that one here https://ezgif.com/optimize to make it fit

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3 hours ago, gabegir45 said:

I'm trying to edit my signature and it keeps giving me a "images are not allowed" restriction.

That was happening to me last night, it's also happening to @Riza-Smithson I hope that @Tom can look into it and change it so it will work. Also wondering if Mods will be able to edit Signatures in the future if possible in order to help out when there are problems. 

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6 hours ago, gabegir45 said:

I'm trying to edit my signature and it keeps giving me a "images are not allowed" restriction.


I've finished going through all the groups to allow for the updated signature settings. You should be able to make the changes now.

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56 minutes ago, gabegir45 said:

Thank you! It works now.

yay , pretty

41 minutes ago, Riza-Smithson said:

Mine works now too! Thank you @istersay and @Tom! ❤️ 

so glad you guys got your sigs in. Thanks Tom, hope soon board issues are all worked out and we won't have to bother you all day long anymore

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