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S17 - Predict the eliminations

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im all0wed to like post here right? lol idk


TOP 13

Bottom 3: Cali Wilson, Shane Q, Hello Sunday (send them all pls :x )

Saved: Hello Sunday

TOP 11

Bottom 2: Will Breman, Hello Sunday

Saved: Hello Sunday

TOP 10

Bottom 3: Hello Sunday, Myracle Holloway, Max Boyle

Saved: Max Boyle


Bottom 2: Ricky Duran, Max Boyle

Middle 3: Joana Martinez, Rose Short, Kat Hammock

Saved: Kat Hammock (want Joana but..)

Top 3: Jake Hoot, Marybeth Byrd, Katie Kadan


4th Place: Kat Hammock

3rd Place: Jake Hoot

Runner-up: Katie Kadan

Winner: Marybeth Byrd


wish Kyndal was here tho :'(


I like this season so much better than the one we got :'(

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