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*****Brynn Cartelli Fan Thread*****


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Brynn Cartelli - Season 14 Champion


IPB Image


Social Media


TikTok - Instagram  - Twitter  - Facebook - YouTube  - Website  - Spotify


Post-show Performances:


Today Show performance of 'Walk My Way'



Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance of 'Walk My Way'



'Hallelujah' - Boston Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree Lighting



Fan List


1. TeamAudra

2. VoiceFan1

3. Redenator

4. thevoicerules

5. Spurrious

6. mercfan3

7. jamescasaki

8. istersay

9. thetinyman

10. Cookie73

11. indodol

12. thevoicefan45

13. AI5McPhee

14. tenebreuse

15. thevoice47

16. Rat!

17. Dany

18. ATX29

19. abouttoexplode

20. datinamanda

21. bbyrchl

22. thevoicefan

23. Cherry1216

24. marshmallowXpie

25. Monophy

26. Stacey

27. Jobe

28. ReginaPhalange

29. Pokey638

30. x3 because of u

31. Niki

32. MidnightSolace

33. Ptones2010

34. topnotch

35. Lovinthevoice

36. EekAdam

37. Djsoke

38. Walker359718

39. stupidLOVEsong

40. Splinter

41. FeliciaTempleFan

42. dmd152

43. rog152

44. thevoiceisthetop

45. CrystalXx

46. FlowerEagle

47. GernBlansten

48. caroline0426

49. Brangelica

50. Agenator333

51. KismetKobra

52. MatthewPalermo

53. xfactor22

54. *Diana

55. cookiecatcher

56. mattinfinity

57. KingRobbo

58. girlfighter24

58. Kaito

59. CUFanForever82

60. Starman1

61. GameShadows

62. Bk1234

63. Hamza Tufail 

64. disney1024

65. David68

66. Angeles 

67. Harmat

68. rhapsody99 

69. anonymouskid_35

70. Queen_Cami 

71. Gustavo527



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Brynn is doing a one hour free concert and the Tanger Outlets on Long Island at 5 p.m. on 11/23 as part of their tree lighting ceremonies. She said on her IG live that she will be performing old songs, new songs, and Christmas songs for the show. She also mentioned that she won't be doing any more live shows for awhile because she will be concentrating on working on new music. Here's more details about the event:




During that same live stream Brynn was asked what her goals were as a musician and she said she wants to get better at playing electric guitar, she wants to learn at least basic drums, and she wants to get more into production. She was also asked about whether she was with Atlantic Records or Elektra Records and she confirmed that she was with Elektra and she was so happy to be because they are great people. She said more details will come out about that later. Brynn was moved to Elektra at a point where Elektra was being restructured into the flagship label of the Elektra Music Group. It makes me curious about how they see her role in all of that, she's obviously the youngest artist on their label and their current roster is much smaller than Atlantic's.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is officially released.



Brynn was so excited about the song coming out she ended up planning a virtual party on Twitter asking everyone what they were going to bring. There ended up being some amusing responses when she was regulating the items to include only stuff that she personally liked and some didn't get that it wasn't an actual party. Anyway that eventually led to Brynn wanting to go live on Twitter, but she had only done it once before and forgot how to do it, a bunch of people helped her out and she intended to only go live for a few minutes, but ended up sticking around for almost half an hour. There were quite a few random topics, but here's a few pieces of info from the live:


1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was recorded at a studio near Brynn's home. She said it was a lot of fun to record. She described the piano on it as being "jazzy Christmas," but clarified it wasn't jazz, but she used some jazz chords in it. It had been awhile since she had played piano in that style so it was a test of her piano skills, but she got it done.


2. Brynn said said she's really getting somewhere with her album. She's going off to record more in a couple of weeks. She's written a lot of songs for the album, she doesn't have a single favorite, but she has a few favorites. She mentioned she couldn't really talk about things in depth yet.


3. Brynn isn't sure yet about what format her music project will be in, whether it's going to be an EP or an album. Whatever it is she said it would be enough to be satisfying because she hates it when it feels like a a project is unfinished.


4. There will be announcements soon about some upcoming performances.


5. Brynn plans on being more active again on social media, she specifically mentioned Twitter and YouTube. She said she took a break from social media for awhile because she was spending too much time on it and she turned her focus to deep diving into her music project, but she thinks she's figured out a way to balance things more now. She mentioned people trying to get her to start posting on TikTok, but she doesn't want to.


6. When talking about the show she did the past weekend at the tree lighting for Tanger Outlets she said it was nice to get out and share some Christmas songs and do something that's publicly visible. She was thankful for everyone continuing to be patient and understanding while she's working on getting her music out.


7. Brynn got her driver's license.




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So so SO excited to be on @KellyClarksonTV next week on 12/20!!! I have a few extra tix to the taping on the 18th and want you to come!! Tag a friend and follow this link to enter!!!! 🎄🎄 http://lnk.to/BrynnStreamToEnter

I'm excited that Brynn is going to be on Kelly's show, but I just realized I didn't request tickets to the particular taping that Brynn is going to be on back when they were first available for request because I thought I was going to have a scheduling conflict that day. The stream count for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas should go up significantly because of this contest since each stream counts as an entry. I wasn't expecting Brynn to be on Kelly's show until her next single was released so this is a nice surprise.


Kelly's show averages 1.9 viewers a week so this is really good exposure for Brynn. The show's instagram account posted about the contest as well.


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9 hours ago, istersay said:

Album name Swaggy Saturday? :teeheebounce:


Brynn responded to someone asking, " You know it's a joke right?" but deleted it . She probably figured they must know.

Since tweets can easily be embedded on here now is good time to post a couple clips  Brynn posted of her playing the piano. Once Brynn had been signed  to Atlantic and now Elektra she hasn't been as free to share full unreleased songs, but maybe small snippets like this are okay? She was happy at the response she got from the first clip and said she was probably going to do it more often. It was interesting to hear how she changed some of the songs she was in the process of writing when she was still allowed to do that in most cases she smoothed out the flow of the lyrics  once she revised them. 


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