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Alex Watched The Challenge


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Alex, I'm sorry you have to endure the most toxic and disgusting season of the show.


I have lots of bad things to tell you about the season when you're done with the viewing,.


I tried to talk him out of it :haha: even if you disregard all that the format is easily the worst as well.

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Yeah this wasn't a season of The Challenge, this was a poorly thought out spinoff featuring some random alumni from RW and RR. Dunbar nearly won the show by doing literally nothing. He almost won without competing in a single challenge. That is absolutely wild to me. A majority alliance was quickly formed and based on this format, it was impossible to overthrown them. Evelyn worked her hardest to do it, but it just wasn't possible! The majority alliance were full of chauvinistic, hot-headed monsters and some mindless minions. It was a slow march to victory for them, just like in Gauntlet III. But wait! In Gauntlet III the monsters got the rug pulled out from underneath them at the perfect time! Can that happen again??? Nope :*. The monsters win this time around and are rewarded for their sh*tty behavior (but I lowkey was rooting for them in the end cause Evelyn). The challenges themself were actually somewhat interesting! I liked the island setting for them, they felt like some cool Survivor challenges. The challenge Evelyn won where they ran back and forth on a bridge and removed tiles might be one of my faves ever so that's cool. So there....a positive to the season!

Season Ranking:
The Inferno
The Inferno III
The Gauntlet
The Duel
The Gauntlet II
Battle of the Sexes
Fresh Meat
Battle of the Seasons
The Inferno II
Battle of the Sexes II
The Gauntlet III
The Island

I suppose I can do an individual ranking since this was the most individual season ever:
1. Evelyn - I can't believe I'm stanning but she was such a queen this time around :wub: :wub: . She always stood up for herself and wasn't afraid to put the men in their place. I enjoyed her bffmance with KellyAnne, and I support her move in the end because I hate Dunbar that much and I'm okay with her doing what she's gotta do to win. I hope Evelyn continues to be like this moving forward because I love this!
2. KellyAnne - A great debut for KellyAnne, I can't imagine this'll be the last we see of her. She kinda died down a bit after she got her key, but still better than everyone else.
3. Cohutta - An angel <3. He is just so damn sweet I refuse to ever check his social media <3.
4. Tyrie - I'm like 3 for 3 on mildly liking Tyrie so that's a win! His late game Dunbar loathing :wub: :wub: :wub: .
5. Ashli - I really liked her and I have a bone to pick with TJ now. Idk why he was so up in arms over her "quitting" when they was literally the exact opposite of what she was doing. She was injured and wanted to see if she could still perform...? Idk what was up his butt, but he should've kept that same energy with Abram :whistling:
6. Rachel - Nice to see an og come back all these years later. It's a shame it was short lived, but I was living for her women's alliance.
7. Tonya - Oh you poor thing.
8. Jenn - Meh maybe she doesn't have the star power I thought she had. I mean I like her...but I don't really feel much for her yet.
9. Abram - I loved him for what he brought!! But I know he would just be like Derrick if he lasted longer so I'm glad he didn't :ph34r: .
10. Robin - Putting her this high is painful (and tbh if it wasn't Robin she'd probably be much higher). Her drunken antics with Dan were a bit uncomfy, but I enjoyed her passion for the game, her dragging of the men, and especially her dragging of Johanna.
11. Dan - Kinda entertaining, kinda uncomfy.
12. Dave - Dude knew not to bother with this sh*t season.
13. Colie - Without having Cara or Susie's ass to live up, what was her point?
14. Derrick - He's just so vanilla now. At least he was nicer than the rest of his alliance, but they can all choke. He has no balls anymore (which is good gameplay but meh).
15. Ryan - He was so desperate to get in with Johnny it was pathetic. What did he gain from stealing KellyAnne's key???
16. Johanna - Wowwwwww talk about a downgrade. Set the feminist movement back 100 years.
17. Paula - Seeing her get her comeuppance was her greatest contribution to this show yet. Maybe her boat of mainly women would've done better if she did a better job believing in the women :whistling:
18. Dunbar - Idk who he thinks he is, but he is nothing special. He did nothing the entire season except try to eat all the food and get pissed when a woman dared to eat. It was delicious watching Evelyn f*ck her.
19. Kenny - I thought he would be my least favorite this season after his vile treatment of Tonya in episode one, but then Johnny managed to be worse than Kenny every other episode so congrats to him.
20. Johnny - The worst showing of anyone in any Challenge season ever so far? Yes or yes? Maybe Evan last season idk........but Johnny was truly a sight to behold here.

The Duel II is next! I loved The Duel so I'm hopeful. A great format imo!
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Alright lessgo Duel II!!



She's a pretty cool chick and had an impressive shoring her first time around. Unfortunately underedited due to the vets being shoved down our throats.


I wanted to bitch that I'm tired of him, but Johnny, Kenny, and Derrick are all off so I'll take it.


She looks like a glam bitch, I'm sure I'll stan :wub:


Lolllll Brooke was a hot mess in the best possible way, so glad to see her back!


The awful men he sucked up to aren't around this time around, but I'm not excited.


Last time we saw him on a Duel I thought he was gonna murder Wes. And last time we saw him on a Challenge I thought he was gonna murder Eric or Adam. So this should be interesting.


Move over Ryan, we got an actual cute, likable gay on the season!


I'm sure the fans were super excited to see him finally come back! I don't get much from Landon so I'm kinda meh. I know a lot call him the GOAT so hopefully he wins over a bunch of these sucky men though.


She looks gorgeous!


Queen of the first duel has some unfinished business :wub:


I have vaguely positive memories from his last season, but like I said with Tori his side was too underedited.




Relieved his friends aren't with him, but he can still be a season ruiner on his own I fear.


Wow, Rachel's all the way back in the Challenge world! Glad to see her on a season where she can actually compete again.


Possible newbie? Or some dude I'm forgetting.


I miss stanning her, I hope she has a good showing this season!


Which casting producer dropped the ball so badly that Dunbar's getting a call back??


My two or three episodes of liking Robin last season were a fluke and I will not let it happen again! Especially putting her back on with Aneesa, I feel bad for Aneesa.




He looks kinda cute.


How is she not too embarrassed to show up again?


I just keep wanting to like her but not actually stanning.


I have a lot of negative memories of him, but at this moment I can't entirely remember why so I'll be open-minded this season!!


I'm surprised they asked him back, he physically can't win. Oh well...


Lmaooooo his ancient ass is gonna get his ass kicked in a current version of The Challenge.



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