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Your Top 12 (3 From Each Team) After Performances!


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PV 1: Gracee

PV 2: Braddy

Blake Saves: Cali



PV 1: Kyndal

PV 2: Joana

Gwen Saves: Myracle



PV 1: Max

PV 2: Damali

Kelly Saves: Hello Sunday



PV 1: Marybeth

PV 2: Katie

John Saves: Khalea


Rose failed me tonight, but Myracle showed up!

I actually prefer Braddy to Kat after their performances.

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PV: Max

PV: Damali

CS: Jake



PV: Kyndal

PV: Rose

CS: Joana



PV: Marybeth

PV: Will

CS: Katie



PV: Gracee

PV: Kat

CS: Ricky D


WC: Cali or Myracle (I want to hear more from Cali but Myracle deserves it more)

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Team Kelly:

PV: Jake Hoot

PV: Max

Save: Damali

WC: Hello Sunday


Team Gwen:

PV: Kyndal

PV: Myracle

Save: Rose

WC: Jake Haldenvang


Team John:

PV: Katie

PV: MaryBeth

Save: Khalea

WC: Will


Team Blake:

PV: Gracee

PV: Ricky D

Save: Kat

WC: Cali



Wild Card Winner: Will

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I am going to list some of the ones I particularly fancied after tonight in order of appearance:


Realizing it's not 12; oh well... had written down names as I watched, seems I had (only) eight.



Hello Sunday


Max Boyle


Jake Hoot



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