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Ranking of Top 20 Season 17


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Team Blake

1. Ricky Duran

2. Gracee Shriver

3. Kat Hammock

4. Ricky Braddy

5. Cali Wilson


Team Gwen

1. Rose Short

2. Myracle Holloway

3. Kyndal Inskeep

4. Joana Martinez

5. Jake HaldenVang


Team Kelly

1. Max Boyle

2. Jake Hoot

3. Shane Q

4. Hello Sunday

5. Damali


Team John

1. Khalea Lynee

2. Marybeth

3. Katie Kadan

4. Alex Guthrie

5. Will Breman

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TB: duran/kat >> cali > braddy/gracee

TG: kyndal/rose > joana > myracle > jake

TK: jake/max >> hello > damali >> shane

TL: katie/marybeth >> khalea >> alex/will




























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Cross-posting this since there are two similar threads...


Song choices were the overall real fail here tonight (3/10), but the actual night, entertainment-wise, wasn't quite as bad, maybe a 5-6/10. Still a really good night on The Voice needs to be at least an 8/10. For a crammed first night of lives, I guess it was okay. It ended at LOT better than it started, so that's a good thing. I feel my Top 2 snowflakes, Kyndal and Kat will be fine, so there's that. I'm a tad upset about the songs my other 2 faves, Rose and rocker Jake, chose or were assigned, so I'm VERY worried for them. 2 out of 4 ain't bad? About par for the night I suppose. Anyway Best to Worst of the Night, imho:


TOP 13


1. Marybeth (8/10, Redemption and a return to front-runner status. If she steers clear of the high difficulty level of her fav Adele, she should go deep, but this here was pretty darn good. Also, I'm beginning to belatedly realize she's more of an actual pop singer than a country singer who wants to sing Adele.)

2. Katie (8/10, Reduction of the need to shout a song was a triumph, or was the choice of a relatively shout-proof song the triumph? Either way, she showed off her less-is-more tender side effectively methinks. But how long before she indulges again? Less than a week.)

3. Alex (7.5/10, Once again, as with last week, used the song to show off his gorgeous rich baritone, and executed another smart song choice well for the most part.)

4. Myracle (7.5/10, Great song choice for her, and she executed beautifully till a slightly strained middle section where she seems to be reaching a tad, but she still stayed on pretty much perfect pitch throughout though. Recovered for a masterful bridge and sublime resolve.)

5. Joana (7.5/10, Well executed vocal on a song I wasn't too familiar with, but she actually elevated the song and made me like it a lot. Like Myracle, pretty close to pitch perfect throughout with just one slightly strained note at the apex of the song, but she sailed effortlessly the rest of the way and closed beautifully.)

6. Kat (7/10, Love her tone on this. High degree of difficulty with the song choice, but she did very well with it for the most part though she did miss some notes in the middle section.)

7. Kyndal (7/10, 8/10 for a well-executed first half of the song despite some discernible nerves, and 7/10 for the half that followed a botched note in the middle section = 7.5. -0.5 for the botched note itself = 7/10. Wasn't overly familiar with the song choice, but I liked it. Her unique and beautiful is undeniable.)

8. Hoot (6.5/10, The Hoot delivered a Hoot-ish performance, but like some others the last half or so of it unraveled somewhat and on some bits, he sounded strained for the first time in the competition.)

9. Ricky D (6.5/10, Not his best, and overall I found this to be quite good. Some minor pocket and phrasing issues, a couple of missed notes, but otherwise solid.)

10: Rose (6.5/10, Showed off plenty of her vocal chops and had a 4-coach standing O, but I didn't totally agree with a song choice on which she only ever sounded her absolutely best on the bridge, even if it was a fun choice and performance. Still, I understand taking a risk to show a different side on the back of a KO performance so good, it'd probably propel her onward regardless of this particular performance. And if she doesn't win the PV, Gwen will reward that acknowledged calculated risk by duly saving her.)

11. Gracee (6.5/10, Like her, liked parts of this performance but as a whole it didn't quite soar enough, vocally. So, 6/10 + 0.5 for coping without her guitar in those circumstances.)

12. Damali (6/10, Actually quite liked this, and the song choice for her. Verses were well executed, but the choruses were a tad too rough. Gotta nail them choruses!)

13. One of these? (all 5-6/10: Max (Aww, Max, that was SUCH a good song -- it's borderline unforgivable when you get a good song, which was a rare gift tonight, and you don't do it the justice it deserves :( BUT I still like Max due to all that goodwill generated from his KO, plus his social numbers are strong, so he probably deserves a spot in the Top 13?), Will (liked the overall performance more than the actual vocal), Jake (similar to Will, he was trying to flip a song with mixed results, but I feel he showed enough of his vocal chops here to be in with a shot, albeit a long shot), Khalea (like Rose above, boasts undeniable vocal skills, but this was such a horribly blah song which did not allow her to show her best, so I'm predicting she will likely need John's save). Guess maybe one of these will squeak into the top 12 above via a save, and the others are, imo, deserving of a spot in the Wildcard round. NOTE to self: The max any team team can have in the Top 13 is 4, and only one team will achieve that, so two from the stacked teams on this list are sadly obviously at risk of falling out of Top 13 contention altogether.


The unfortunate flops (not ranked, but all <5/10): Cali (tragic song choice, pitchy on all the choruses, and looked uncomfortable on stage without her guitar), Shane (actually, for me, probably the best of the flops, alas his upper register was unbearable to my ears as per usual, also another strange song choice, but I suspect he could squeeze into the Wildcard round), Ricky Braddy (another HORRIBLE song choice - the kind that guarantees you get lost in the mix; performance always tends to tilt toward awkward for a guy who likes to move around the stage so much, unremarkable tone but NOT bad, just vocally indulgent yet BORING; to have a fighting chance he should have switched it up, cut out the constant self-indulgence, centered himself and EMOTED a George Michael ballad!), HS (actually tbh about 40% decent, BUT 60% a pitchy and slightly screechy mess; they were exposed today and regressed to BA standards or even a tad under if that's even possible, BUT Kelly may actually save them, SO one of the NON-flops listed above around #10-13 may unfortunately be in danger of outright elimination :x ).


p.s. - Edited after re-watching the performances.

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I voted for the top 5, and the Team Kelly members in the Top 10.


1. Kat Hammock

2. Ricky Duran

3. Marybeth Byrd

4. Kyndal Inskeep

5. Jake HaldenVang


6. Gracee Shriver

7. Damali

8. Jake Hoot

9. Rose Short

10. Khalea Lynee


11. Myracle Holloway

12. Hello Sunday

13. Joana Martinez

14. Alex Guthrie

15. Max Boyle


16. Ricky Braddy

17. Katie Kadan

18. Cali Wilson

19. Will Breman

20. Shane Q

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