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Katie Kadan Fan Thread

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i wonder if this was her instant save song, cause it looked rehearsed already


Good point... Could be. Supposedly they all have to have one.


But man, that song in the finally. I got chill bumps and in a live show fashion would have been earth shattering. I also love the clip of her “When We Were Young.” Those are the type of songs I would have preferred. I mean she did great with what they gave her, but I do they they deliberately tried to handicap her for whatever reason. Always with early spots, and non-Katie like songs for the finale that aren’t really “Oh I have to have that song type of songs.” But she did them better than anyone i can imagine and she stayed them. But i wish they gave her super charting songs.


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Sad finish for her. I sure didn't expect this. :(



So sad!! Way too many NBC shenanigans. Death spots almost weekly, finale songs while she did great with what she was given, were not great songs just to guarantee she’s doesn’t win. They really did try everything. I saw it and i said it before. I am a diehard Katie fan, but i aid it couple days ago- that they were trying to sabotage her.


I hope to see great things soon!! She said she wasn’t a Partridge Family Tour Bus, lets hope!


i wish he posted this before the finale for some more exposure!!



Yes I wish too!!


QUEEN WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(



This is what you call highway robbery of the loaded semi with machine guns!! They really made sure to cripple her at the end!


True, they haven't given her one pimp spot and made her open twice.


Either they are bussing her for another Kelly win or Katie won this since the Playoffs.



Definitely bussed her. Queen Kelly (Whom I love( need a win to boast her talk show!!


(!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!)



Did you say her self title album was #54? I=lets keep posting on IG, FB and Twitter for people to buy it! I did. Let’s help Katie!


Her self title Album is now #43!!!!!!!


Woa! How many purchases is that, do you know?

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