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Katie Kadan Fan Thread


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Updated T11 Facebook numbers. 12 hours post-show.


The rankings changed a little from the last update.


I'm also including "Shares" this time.




Katie 353K

Jake 121K

Joana 119K

Marybeth 113K

Kat 110K

Hello Sunday 91K

Ricky 89K

Rose 55K

Will 49K

Shane 48K

Myracle 42K




Katie: 18.7K (More likes than Ricky, Joana, Marybeth, Rose, Hello Sunday, Shane, Will, and Myracle combined!)

Jake 6.2K

Kat 3.7K

Ricky 3.7K

Joana 3.4K

Marybeth 2.7K

Rose 2.1K

Hello Sunday 2.0K

Shane 1.8K

Will 1.4K

Myracle 1.2K


View/Like Ratio:


Katie 18.8

Jake 19.52

Ricky 24.05

Rose 26.19

Shane 26.67

Kat 29.73

Joana 35.00

Myracle 35.00

Will 35.00

Marybeth 41.85

Hello Sunday 45.50




Katie 3.4K

Jake 714

Marybeth 527

Kat 435

Joana 389

Shane 271

Ricky 269

Rose 215

Hello Sunday 179

Will 122

Myracle 104


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Katie Kadan - Love her so much. I hope she stays consistent and gets great songs


Katie Kadan (10❤)




Katie Kadan - ...I am loving her last two performances.




Katie Kadan - She's obviously an outstanding vocalist, and she exudes endless personality...



Katie - She has never disappointed me



Katie Kadan - Loved her from the start, I truly hope she can win this season



Katie Kadan- ...she is definitely having a shot at winning.



Katie...that’s only what I think is worth mentioning.



Katie Kadan - ...consistently and undeniably solid.



Katie Kadan - Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same...

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