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I mean it technically is, even if it doesn’t have any effect on the voting if your not the last team

Wow. I think Ricky b is doing the best


Even being the last team doesn't matter. Voting runs through the show instead of opening after so the early team can get as many votes as the last team.

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1. Ricky B—Fun and energetic

2. Kat Hammock-Soothing voice and pleasant performance

3. Ricky D. -His was good even if under whelming

4. Gracee Shriver-She was ok but not her best

5. Cali-I didn’t know whether to like it or not. I wasn’t even sure I’d the song was even Toxic by Brittney Spears or not



So far Blake’s team has good singers but can be a bit underwhelming.

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Con't - Sorry, but Ricky B is boring. Lacking true stage presence and unfortunately to have to go after KAT. Should have slowed it down and slayed with a GEORGE MICHAEL ballad. So, Team Blake:


1. KAT - Magical!

2. Gracee - Nice.

3. Ricky D - Solid.

4. Ricky B - Boring?

5. Cali - Oh no... :x


Team Gwen next!

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Kat - few rough parts here and there but overall good and pretty much what I expected

Ricky 2 - not my style but I think it was fine

Ricky 1 - solid but not memorable

Gracee - was decent, not sure that was the best song for her voice


Cali - I love you but what were those choruses


Overall, Cali was the only major flop here.

I can't remember which Ricky is which Ricky so they're just gonna be Ricky 1 and 2

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