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Hello Sunday Kingdom

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Well following Monday night, my vote is for Hello Sunday. I really hope they make the final 4. Obviously, I feel they should. 🤞


They, also, sounded great in the duet. The duet was the 2 of them, right? ;) Frankly, that was almost cruel for Kat. But, have to admire her for trying to go toe-to-toe with Hello Sunday. Bit like David & Goliath, really.


Sure are an unusually high number of contestants this time who I, personally, just don't care for, at all. Many this Season have just left me meh :|

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IMO Hello Sunday are diamonds in the rough. For me they were the most creative artists this season with their unique arrangements and interesting, beautiful harmonies. They are also both really strong singers individually and they both have very impressive ranges. They were hitting some really high notes on Chandelier. I've never been that crazy about that song, but I liked their arrangement.


I think they have amazing potential. I wish they had made the finale, but I have a hunch they will go on to have a successful musical career and prove the naysayers wrong.

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