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The Challenge Casting/Format Spoilers


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8 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

The first rookie "confirmed" is David Alexander :dead:. He's getting a lot out of being evicted on day one of BB21 I'll give him that.

They do like to go for CBS first boots so future advice to people if you wanna be on the challenge just be a first boot on a cbs reality show. 

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On 4/3/2021 at 4:00 PM, Alex95 said:

Kam and Nany are the big names who seem to be taking the season off. Not surprised about Kam with Leroy retiring but I’m disappointed. Hopefully that means one of them at least one this season. With Nany I’m also not surprised she probably needed a break.

Ugh well this info breaks my heart. :broken: Although I  understand with Kam taking a break cause of Leroy, but bummed because she just returned. :( Hopefuly she comes back for S38. And yeah I can understand Nany taking a break. She's done a lot of seasons in a row, but hoping she comes back in a later season.

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And just like that Nany got moved back up to very likely :dead:. I guess she changed her mind on taking a break lmao.


And Analyse from BB21 got moved up to being a possibility :/. Wtf do they see in her?! She's soooooooooo boring.

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Oh boy, apparently Missy and Tommy from Survivor 39 got the call 😮. Missy...they're opening a can of the worms with that one. MTV's effort to purge the problematic people for Double Agents will be instantly reversed by casting Missy :dead:. If it wasn't for that Kellee stuff, obviously Missy was tailor made for The Challenge though. I don't feel like she'll make the final cast, I feel like MTV will try to avoid the controversy. Just get Michaela! How hard is it?!

Tommy is a bizarre pick. If they wanted a guy from 39, Dean is literally right there and makes 100x more sense, especially with Michele potentially there. I have to think Dean got the call and turned it down or something. I mean, do we really want a 4th grade teacher on a show that's meant for partying and hooking up? I know Tommy can party, I've seen him in Michele and Dean's Insta stories and stuff, but I'd assume he still wants to be a teacher and is gonna try to maintain his reputation on national television, and I just don't think The Challenge is the environment to do that (though I guess The Challenge has begun to evolve since WOTW, and moreso since TM).

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Michele seems to be having some sort of party on her Insta story, possible a going away party cause quarantine starts early next week! Like I said when her name was on the potential list, I'd be shocked if she's not out there. Apparently they wanted her for WOTW, but she was still under contract at CBS. Now with the Viacom merge, it's easy for her to move over to The Challenge.

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Looks like they started sequestering!


Sooooo many vets from last season. Amanda’s literally the only vet back who wasn’t on last season. So excited to see her back though!


None of the rookies are really jumping out at me yet (though I only know the Survivor people, Ed, and Mark). Michelle from MvGX is BIZARRE as hell :dead:. Lowkey here for it though. Fine with Michele and Wendell as well! Tommy’s gonna bring nothing to the show, I guess just an ally for Michele.


Ed from The Circle definitely feels made for this show. He’s trashy as hell and probably gonna bring drama. Mark is up there as one of the most random castings they’ve done. I barely remember him from his season ages ago. Should’ve done Ashleigh Coyle from that BBUK season ❤️

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This is an interesting mix so far :dead: I don’t remember much of Mark either but I don’t think I was really a fan and wouldn’t have put him as someone for a show like this, but willing to be proven wrong!

Glad to see Michele on the list! :wub: MvGX Michelle is sooo random but I’m here for it, I liked her on her season. Tommy is certainly an interesting choice too.


Smart to cast from some of these Netflix shows, I didn’t watch Too Hot to Handle but know it got a fair bit of attention for a brief time. Ed makes sense as a choice for The Circle (I hope this could maybe open the door for Circle UK rookies in the future, especially considering some of the choices we’ve had I hope it’s a possibility). 

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Posted (edited)

Just figured I'd post the list



Amanda Garcia - Are You The One?

Aneesa Ferreira - Real World: Chicago

Ashley Mitchell - Real World: Ex-Plosion

Emy Alupei - Survivor: Romania

Kaycee Clark - Big Brother

Michaela Bradshaw - Survivor

Michele Fitzgerald - Survivor

Michelle Schubert - Survivor

Nany Gonzalez - Real World: Las Vegas

Olivia "Liv" Jawando - Shipwrecked

Tula "Big T" Fazakerley - Shipwrecked

Tori Deal - Are You The One?



Cory Wharton - Real World: Ex-Plosion

CT Tamburello - Real World: Paris

Devin Walker - Are You The One?

Ed Eason - The Circle US

Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat - Big Brother

Jay Starrett - Survivor

Jeremiah White - Love Island US

Josh Martinez - Big Brother

Kelz Dyke - Too Hot Too Handle

Kyle Christie - Geordie Shore

Mark Byron - Big Brother UK

Nam Vo - Ultimate Beast Master

Nelson Thomas - Are You The One?

Tommy Sheehan - Survivor

Wendell Holland - Survivor


So that's 11 women and 14 men so far. Last season they had 19 men and women sequestered with alts. So we're probably still waiting on a lot more women, but we have most of our men.

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Just now, *Lily said:

Analyse getting dropped at the last minute two seasons in a row? :giggle:

As much as it annoys me that she keeps getting the call, I hope they keep f*cking with her and "casting" her just to drop her :dead:

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Just now, QueenKalie said:

Hopefully Gabby gets a second season.

She's said she's not interested in playing again I believe. Maybe she'll change her mind in the future, but I'd be shocked to see her for 37.

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1 minute ago, Alex95 said:

She's said she's not interested in playing again I believe. Maybe she'll change her mind in the future, but I'd be shocked to see her for 37.

Well then they need to bring back Melissa or Georgia or find another token hot British girl lol.

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