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The Challenge Casting/Format Spoilers

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I'm remaking new threads tonight because I'm not doing anything else and if I was a betting man, I'd say we're never getting our old threads back.


The Challenge 35 - Apocalypse

Contestants are rumored to be split up into more than two teams.



Asaf Goren - So You Think You Can Dance 12, Are You the One? 4, Big Brother VIP 3

Chris "CT" Tamburello - Real World: Paris

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams - Big Brother 20

Cory Wharton - Real World: Ex-Plosion

Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat - Big Brother 20

Jay Starrett - Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, Ex on the Beach 2 US

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio - Real World: Key West

Jordan Wiseley - Real World: Portland

Josh Martinez - Big Brother 19

Kyle Christie - Geordie Shore

Nelson Thomas - Are You the One? 3

Rogan O'Connor - Ex on the Beach 2 UK

Stephen Bear - Shipwrecked: The Island, Ex on the Beach 3 UK, Celebrity Big Brother 18

Wes Bergmann - Real World: Austin



Aneesa Ferreira - Real World: Chicago

Ashley Mitchell - Real World: Ex-Plosion

Bayleigh Dayton - Big Brother 20

Dee Nguyen - Geordie Shore

Jenna Compono - Real World: Ex-Plosion

Jennifer Lee - The Amazing Race 29

Jennifer "Jenny" West - Survival of the Fittest

Kailah Casillas - Real World: Go Big or Go Home

Kaycee Clark - Big Brother 20

Mattie Lynn Breaux - Party Down South

Melissa Reeves - Ex on the Beach 2 UK

Nany Gonzalez - Real World: Las Vegas

Tori Deal - Are You the One? 4

Tula "Big T" Fazakerley - Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands

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Apparently TAR Kayla and mystery Australian guy aren't on so we have the full cast of men and women. It's also apparently called Battle for Independence now lol. I'm gonna try to do a brief cast assessment while I can't sleep. I'll do power rankings and predictions closer to the actual season airing because hopefully I'll have more seasons under my sleeve and I'll know who, like, Nelson or Melissa is lol.


Asaf - Hot as hell and seems lowkey messy doing a trillion reality shows. Should be strong with his dance background, but that doesn't make him a beast like some others.

CT - At this current moment in time I'm watching Old!CT bullying Coral, and New!CT who is everyone's papa bear so I'm experiencing major whiplash. I really don't think I need to see him again, but at least he's not trash in 2019 and that's more than a lot of male reality stars can say :).

Swaggy C - I think The Challenge is a good environment for Swaggy. He's undeservedly cocky and immature which is pretty par for the course for your average Challenge male. I could see him being an early boot again. I still have not so great feelings of him based on that whole charity basketball game mess and some of the sh*t he said about Bayleigh behind her back during the early days of BB20.

Cory - Some pictures I think he's hot and others I think he's not. I'm reading his EOTB profile (trying to stay away from Challenge spoilers) and he lowkey seems like a mess <3.

Fessy - I really do love that big dumb idiot Fessy <3. I mean his BB20 gameplay was absolutely atrocious, but luckily this is a completely different game. I could totally see Wes using him as his Hunter. Give Fessy anything but a puzzle and I'm confident he'll dominate.

Jay - He's scrappy and he'll bring the drama for the guys I'm sure. His childlike antics will surely wear thin on this cast unlike the Millennials. On paper, he looks like physically the weakest guy though so I'm worried. Hopefully his Survivor bff Cole Medders trained him well.

Bananas - He's only been an early boot since I've started watching this show so hopefully my luck continues.

Jordan - Seemingly the epitome of situationally good. There's no CM or Paulie for him to #drag though so he'll probably hate on like Big T or something and I'll properly hate him.

Josh - If Josh can't make the finals this season with all his WOTW2 and BB friends protecting him, he has no hope.

Kyle - 2 for 2 on liking him I think!

Nelson - Hot in all pictures.

Rogan - He's nosedived so hard for me this past month and I can't believe he's one of my least favorites in this cast, if not my least favorite.

Bear - Idk if the lack of Brits will be good or bad for him. I lean towards another early exit from him, but I'm sure he'll get in a fight with Wes before he goes. I could picture him and Jordan loathing each other, even though I think they bonded last season, so that could be a fun rivalry.

Wes - Writing about all these guys I'm noticing how little I care about any of them whoops. I guess I'll root for Wes?


Aneesa - After The Duel, I'm fully here for more Aneesa in my life unless she does something between then and now where I turn on her

Ashley - Legend :wub: I haven't even seen her at her best but I just know I'll stan. Literally her entire alliance from WOTW2 is missing so I'm worried, but CM hated her guts in WOTW1 and now they're bffs so I trust Ashley's political game well enough to slither into the majority alliance. I know she's a BB fan so hopefully she can latch onto those girls.

Bayleigh - Like her husband, will never be fully There with her. Some of her comments about Muslims on the live feeds were so Yikes. She's raw, she's real, and she's an entertainer though that's for sure.

Dee - Now that I think she's respected as a competitor she'll have a tough road ahead of her I fear. If she can pull off another good run though, she's gonna have a more impressive 3-season run than Paulie thinks he has.

Jenna - I literally have nothing to say about her except the fact that I trust her to protect Nany. So minor positive.

Jennifer - Still loling @ this casting choice. She's gorgeous and she truly was fun, albeit underedited, in her single episode of TAR. I can't imagine her entering with an allies and as a rookie...could be like Big T or Sean.

Jenny - I liked her towards the end of the season when they actually showed her. Now that she doesn't have the rookie curse on her I think she'll be a huge threat to win.

Kailah - Still shook that her name is pronounced like Kayla, I had no idea what to call her for the longest time.

Kaycee - The dark horse to win. A physical and social queen on BB20, she could kick any of these women's asses. Unfortunately will probably be just as boring.

Mattie - Hoping for the best for her. She was just super likable her first time around and I enjoyed hearing about her growth. I was sad to hear about her DUI during WOTW2 but I believe she's sober now and I hope she can have a nice redemption story.

Melissa - Apparently she's Rogan's ass, I hope she hates him and slays him. But I know everyone in the UK reality circuit has fake dated each other and remains friends.

Nany - Messy underdog queen <3. WOTW2 solidified my love for her, she is a damn near perfect reality show contestant, flaws and all.

Tori - Another queen :wub:. She is just naturally likable and a great competitor so hopefully we have her for the long haul.

Big T - My girl :wub::wub: . I will be obnoxiously stanning her for however long she lasts. I'm ridiculously hipster about her for torturing myself with Shipwrecked and I'm overjoyed to see the star of the show randomly get a second season of The Challenge. I really hope her impressive elimination against Georgia is a sign of things to come and she could do really well this season.

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This season is shaping up to be very toxic and crazy. I'm very excited for the end of WOTW2 and the beginning of a season with a largely fresh cast.

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Aneesa and/or Melissa FTW. I also love Dee and Mattie. <3


F*ck every guy besides Wes and CT. Though I've grown very tired of CT over the years. I literally do not like any of them. Though I cannot comment on Fessy, Swaggy, or Jay because I did not watch their respective debut seasons.

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