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I'll spoiler tag it, just in case people are catching up late.

Yewande and Stephen were the first couple eliminated. Really sad to see them go as I feel like they got undermarked a little bit, she wasn't great but definitely not the worst. I'll still follow this season for sure but it feels weird having a pre-season fave being the first boot!

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Week 3 Scores:

Grainne & Kai - Jive: 20 (6, 7, 7)

Aidan & Emily - Foxtrot: 23 (7, 8, 8 )

Michael & Karen - Samba: 11 (3, 4, 4)

Yewande & Vincent - Viennese Waltz: 12 (3, 4, 5)

Sinéad & Ryan - Paso Doble: 24 (8, 8, 8 )

Glenda & Robert - Waltz: 15 (5, 5, 5)

Fr Ray & Kylee - Cha Cha: 6 (1, 2, 3)

Ryan & Giulia - Tango: 23 (7, 8, 8 )

Lottie & Pasquale - Contemporary Ballroom: 26 (8, 9, 9)

Mary & John - Salsa: 16 (5, 5, 6)

Brian & Laura - American Smooth: 20 (6, 7, 7)


Overall points:

1. Lottie & Pasquale 20 + 26 = 46

2. Sinéad & Ryan 21+ 24 = 45

3. Ryan & Giulia 21+23 = 44

4. Aidan and Emily 18 + 23 = 41

5. Grainne & Kai 18 + 20 = 38

6. Brian and Laura 16 + 20 = 36

7. Glenda & Robert 17+15=32

8. Mary & John 13 + 16= 29

9. Yewande & Stephen 16+ 12 = 28

10. Michael and Karen 12 + 11 = 23

11. Fr Ray & Kylee 8+6 = 14


- Not surprised Lottie topped the leaderboard with that style and her dance experience. She’s viewed as the “mega ringer” of the season as she taught dance, but wow 9s in Week 3. Looking forward to this.

- Great scores for Ryan and Sinead, looking forward to their dances.

- Aidan and Mary are surprises as they scored higher than I expected for their respective dances, looking forward to Aidan’s. Also surprised Mary scored higher than Glenda and Yewande with a party Latin.

- No surprises Michael and Fr Ray were the lowest scores but omggg at those scores for Fr Ray. :Fear: He’s looking like he could be DWTSIrl’s worst dancer.


Results (in white text):

Yewande & Stephen were eliminated. Even though she scored low, sad about that result as I think Yewande had more potential than Michael and Father Ray (and maybe Mary). I did think and hope Fr Ray was going be a first boot but the super low scores and that 1 may have helped him? I did fear and think Yewande wasn’t going to last long, as she didn’t last long on Love Island and that’s a UK based show, so not sure how that would translate to Ireland. Also feel bad for Stephen with this being his first season.

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Grainne’s, Aidan’s, Sinéad’s Ryan’s and Lottie’s dances (aka the dances that matter most with the highest scores) are uploaded already! :w00t:




Hopefully the others will get uploaded soon - or else we’ll have to go through a scavenger hunt. :giggle: I may wait to watch until more of the dances are up.

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#YIKES at those results.


Already nervious Fr. Ray is gonna be the overstayer of the season. He was 14 points lower than Yewande on the score board.

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On 1/19/2020 at 8:55 PM, *Wallace said:

Grainne’s, Aidan’s, Sinéad’s Ryan’s and Lottie’s dances (aka the dances that matter most with the highest scores) are uploaded already! :w00t:




Hopefully the others will get uploaded soon - or else we’ll have to go through a scavenger hunt. :giggle: I may wait to watch until more of the dances are up.

Glenda’s, Brian’s and Mary’s dances are uploaded. So now we await for Michael, Fr Ray’s and Yewande’s dances. I think I will try to watch those later tonight or tomorrow, regardless if we get the other three.


I may start a Rate the Routines for this season (and Australia’s) later tonight or this week, as I’m curious how we would rate the dances.

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I'm not watching, but I'll be pulling an Alexandra/Faye and rooting for the girl from B*WITCHED.

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Finally got around to watching this week's dances. I'll comment on what I was able to find.


Grainne & Kai - Jive: This was a really cute and fun dance to open up the show. Grainne had really good sharp kicks & flicks on this and her footwork was on point. I did feel like her upper body like with the arm/hand placements seemed more still and not as energized as the footwork, so a bit of a mismatch but still fairly good. I just fear and hope she can beat the model curse of the show and not get robbed before weaker dancers.


Aidan & Emily - Foxtrot: For the second week in a row, Aidan is a real surprise and better than I expected him to be. This was a very modern Contemporary-esque Foxtrot which I would expect from Aidan but it suited Aidan well. He connected with the emotional quality of the character, did nice little tricks and most importantly partnered Emily and moved gracefully in hold. I do feel he got a bit too serious faced/out of character in hold and looked to be concentrated on the steps at times but again very good from him.


Michael & Karen - Samba: N/A


Yewande & Vincent - Viennese Waltz: N/A


Sinéad & Ryan - Paso Doble: I was a bit doubtful and unsure how Sinéad would be with the most powerful intense dances so I am glad she got a Paso early on. Not only that but she did a great job here. Sinéad had great expressive lines and partnering and really committed well to the character. Ryan definitely did too, and in fact I felt he was even more intense than Sinéad, he kinda scared me here. :lol: But yeah Sinéad moved beautifully and had great intensity and they had that passion together. Another strong dance from her.


Glenda & Robert - Waltz: Weird song choice or a Waltz because this song seems angsty/fiesty and not like that smooth graceful for a Waltz. I thought she did fine here. She had some moments where she looked a bit unsure and then some moments in character but she moved decently throughout. I would have preferred this as a Foxtrot as it had that sassy flair to it.


Fr Ray & Kylee - Cha Cha: N/A


Ryan & Giulia - Tango: I was expecting Ryan to do well and nail the dramatic side and he certainly did. I thought this was a great and very strong Tango. He was really into character so well and he had gray chemistry with Giulia. And the technical stuff from the frame, posture, footwork and sharp movements were all really good and on point.


Lottie & Pasquale - Contemporary Ballroom: I had high expectations as I was expecting this to be really good an dang, wow…. it certainly was fantastic. :omg: Lottie really BROUGHT IT and killed it with her technique and emotional connection with the dance. Def got some chills from this. She and Pasquale danced like a true couple on the same level and she really shone. I thought she was stunning in both the Contemporary and ballroom elements. All in all, SUPER strong for a Week 3 dance and deserving of its 9s. I wonder how she can top/keep up this standard. Lottie also reminds me a bit of Lauren Gottlieb, which only helps me like her more. 


Mary & John - Salsa: I can’t believe they gave Mary that awful dress they gave Michelle Visage for her Salsa. :dead:  This wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting it to be. I mean it wasn’t good or anything and Mary was quite tentative and lacking some rhythm and hip action throughout it. But I thought John put together a traditional and crowd pleasing Salsa and Mary had fun and sold the performance with a fun and vibrant personality and performance skills.  And actually she surprised me with the lifts and handed those well. The 6s were a little high though.


Brian & Laura - American Smooth: I still can’t with this song choice for an American Smooth. :dead: This was a cute and creative dance. Some of Brian’s dancing in hold with his frame and stuff looked a little off and weird to me for some reason. And also seemed a bit too concentrated there too. I do think he was stronger and showcased a lot of fun in the out of hold parts and shone most there. Some good moments, some shaky moments but an improvement.



  1. Lottie & Pasquale - Contemporary Ballroom
  2. Ryan & Giulia - Tango
  3. Sinéad & Ryan - Paso Doble
  4. Aidan & Emily - Foxtrot
  5. Grainne & Kai - Jive
  6. Brian & Laura - American Smooth
  7. Glenda & Robert - Waltz
  8. Mary & John - Salsa


Again I’ll edit my thoughts and rankings whenever the rest of the dances are up. 3 weeks in, I still think this is looking like a relatively strong and promising season.

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18 hours ago, Elliott said:

I'm not watching, but I'll be pulling an Alexandra/Faye and rooting for the girl from B*WITCHED.

She's definitely one of the top contenders so this is a good choice here. 

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Dang I just watched Lottie’s dance because I saw all the high praise it was getting and she is SO good :omg:

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Week 4 Movie Night Dances revealed! 😄 





Aidan and Emily Tango to Into the Unknown - Frozen II

Brian and Laura Charleston to Fat Sam's Grand Slam - Bugsy Malone

Glenda and Robert Contemporary Ballroom to My Heart Will Go On - Titanic

Grainne and Kai Salsa to (I've Had) The Time of My Life - Dirty Dancing

Lottie and Pasquale Salsa to Dora the Explorer theme - Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Mary and John American Smooth Foxtrot to He's a Tramp - Lady and the Tramp

Michael and Karen Paso Doble to Eye of the Tiger - Rocky III

Fr. Ray and Kylee Paso Doble to The Magnificent Seven theme - The Magnificent Seven

Ryan and Giulia Jive to - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Rocketman

Sinead and Ryan Quickstep to Get Happy (Judy*)



- Aidan did a good ballroom this past week so expecting him to do well with a Tango. Never thought of that song for a Tango but should be interesting and good.

- Think the Charleston can be a breakthrough dance for Brian, or at least a dance where he will continue to improve upon.

- Think Contemporary Ballroom will suit Glenda and can she do well with it, and she’s got a great classic song. Although I feel bad for her following Lottie’s amazing CB and I don’t think Glenda’s will be as strong, but still think this could be Glenda’s best.

- Interesting Grainne and Lottie have the Salsa. Expecting them both to be good, Lottie’s likely will be stronger. Although Grainne’s song choice is so overdone and kinda disappointed Lottie doesn’t get a traditional Salsa which she could nail. I can see her playing Dora well.

- Thinking AS could be good for Mary and she could improve upon her Foxtrot.

- Lol interesting how Michael and Fr. Ray both have the Paso Doble. It will be interesting to see how they compare. Expecting both to be bad, but Fr. Ray’s to be worse. And if so, hopefully Fr. Ray goes. Ooh the song/theme dos suit Michael as he’s a former boxer sot that’s good for him.

- Excited for Ryan’s Jive and Sinead’s Quickstep. Think those will suit them and they will deliver really strong dances.

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Week 4 Scores 


Brian & Laura - Charleston: 6/6/6 = 18

Glenda & Robert - Contemporary Ballroom: 6/6/6 = 18

Gráinne & Kai - Salsa: 7/7/7 = 21

Michael & Karen - Paso Doble: 4/5/5 = 14

Sinéad & Ryan - Quickstep: 8/8/8 = 24

Lottie & Pasquale - Salsa: 9/9/10 = 28

Mary & John - American Smooth: 5/7/7 = 19

Aidan & Emily - Tango: 8/9/9 = 26

Fr Ray & Kylee - Paso Doble: 2/3/4 = 9

Ryan & Giulia - Jive: 9/9/10 = 28


Some notes I read mixed with my speculating thoughts:

- Hearing Brian’s Charleston was a bit of a letdown. Peole (myself included) were expecting it to be is dance ut seems like it wasn’t.

- Glenda’s was well received and word out there saying she was underscored/better than Brian, and deserved some 7s.

- Grainne’s Salsa was also well received. Kai has an injury (didn’t catch what it was) but choreo had to be rearranged. 

- Michael attempted the steps and boxing theme suited him but lacked shaping and it’s what you would expect from him.

- Sinead’s QS was really well received - and comments say she danced and performed it well.

- omggg Lottie’s Salsa getting a 10 already. :omg::dead: Comments saying the Salsa was really fast - and so fast that it needed a moment to breathe. Bu I am sure it was impressive.

- Aidan’s Tango also very well received and his improvement has been noted.

- Well at least Fr Ray has his best scores. #lowstandards Even though yikes he hasn’t reached double dgitis yet. :dead: Comments are saying he was terrible of course, but it was his ~best dance~ even though still worse than everyone else.

- Whoa Ryan also getting a 28 and a 10 in there. Sounds like his Jive was amazing though.


Results should be up in the next 15 minutes or so. 😮 Hopefully Fr. Ray or Michael goes, but outside of that, I’m worried for Glenda and Grainne. Fingers crossed for a good result.

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Results are in..... (in white text):


Glenda & Robert got eliminated. Ugh so messed up and so undeserved.  Gráinne & Kai and Fr. Ray & Kylee were the other two couples in jeopardy. 


Fr. Ray and Michael are so gonna be this season's Marty and Bernard. SMH.

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Lottie was incredible both last week and this week. :omg: Ryan and Sinéad are also fantastic well. So happy for Giulia getting someone good after last year.


Fr. Ray and Michael continue to be dreadfully awful, so I fully expect both of them to overstay their welcome like their awful male dancer counterparts from the US and SCD. LOL.

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Everyone’s dances (Except Michael’s) are uploaded on the Insta page. 


Ooh yayy i see Amanda’s already watched this week’s dances. I hope to watch them tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the dance from my faves. 😄 And ugh I fear Fr. Ray and Michael won’t go until the Dance Off component comes about, which hopefully it comes next week (but I think that comes around after Switch up week)…. and still hopeful one can go next week. 


Some pics of the cast from yesterday’s show:


And more here: https://www.instagram.com/rteone/.  Lol I love the Lottie/Pasquale pic. :giggle:

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Brian & Laura - Charleston: I thought this was a fun and cute dance to start the show. Brian’s performing was good and he played the character well although my eyes were really drawn to Laura as she really sold her character like whoa. :haha: I did feel some of Brian’s technique and footwork wasn’t all the way there and a lack of the proper Charleston swivel.  It was good but do feel this could have been a dance he would shine in more.


Glenda & Robert - Contemporary Ballroom: Aw i thought Glenda gave a very nice performance for the most part. Although I did feel this dance kinda had a hit or miss  feel to it where she would dance some technical parts and emote parts decently but then there were parts where her moves seemed a bit rushed or lines not finished or elongated (sp?) enough? Like some lines were clipped. The ballroom parts were nice. I do think 6’s were fine but one 7 in there would have been nice. And ugh she didn’t deserve to go after this.


Gráinne & Kai - Salsa: Ugh I wish they would retire “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” on these dance shows, especially after Ashley Roberts slayed this. :ph34r: But judging Gráinne on her own, I thought she did well and is continuing on growing. I do feel like Gráinne has little arms and need to be a bit more expressive there and not sure why that stands out so much to me. But her performing was infectious and she had good rhythm, technique, dancing and good chemistry with Kai throughout. She was adorable with how happy and smiley she was. :wub: Kai’s approach to the big lift with the backing dancers doing it was smart as he couldn’t do so. Very good and I’m enjoying Gráinne’s progress and hoping she doesn’t get robbed next.


Michael & Karen - Paso Doble: N/A


Sinéad & Ryan - Quickstep: These theatrical routines suits Sinéad so well and she was great in this, as I would expect. :wub: Her characterization as Judy Garland was spot on and she looked and performed like a theater star. Her dancing and performing was great throughout. I did feel like the first half lacked Quickstep content/had a lot of side by side dancing but then the second half was full of fast Quickstep content which was executed real well - and the build up to the end was really great!


Lottie & Pasquale - Salsa: I wasn’t feeling the Dora theme’d Salsa when I first heard about it…. but thankfully this dance proved me wrong. Lottie made an looked like the perfect Dora, first off. :haha: And there’s no denying this Salsa was pretty dang amazing. They made the theme really work and there was a lot of fast Salsa content in there that Lottie executed so very well. She had great rhythm, hip action, footwork, partnering and omg whoa the lifts and tricks were really impressive. :omg: I loved those last set of lifts like her kinda walking in an upside down while being lifted, that was really cool. 😮 The routine was fast, ambitious but a whole lot of fun. :yes:


Mary & John - American Smooth: Mary is another celeb who I feel keeps improving. Although I do feel her scores are still a little higher than they should be. :ph34r: Don’t quite get the 7s here but it was better than a 5 so I guess it balances out? Mary performed well and had fun with it. I do feel she tenses up and shoulders rise/loses her frame when in hold and she did get a little lost on the side by side parts. A few mistakes but I thought she did well with the performing. The last lift was really good, as were the lifts in general through the dance.


Aidan & Emily - Tango: I was so unsure of this song choice for a Tango but ooh the Panic!  version suits well for a Tango. I thought Aidan danced this really well - he was sharp, smooth and light on his feet. There was a lot of good staccato content and he had good footwork and partnering skills, and yeah the Tango parts were really good and aunethetic. I didn’t love the side by side parts towards the end and felt it was a bit out of place for a  Tango but maybe it fits within the Frozen theme? Another really good dance here. I’m still impressed and amazed by how good Aidan is. Although I don’t agree this should have scored higher than Ryan’s Tango from last week. I can see Aidan being in the finals with his progress.


Fr Ray & Kylee - Paso Doble: Well I’m kinda glad Fr Ray’s dance was uploaded so we could see just how bad he really is - but then again…. my poor eyes. Dear goodness Fr Ray is SO bad…. :dead: And if this was his best dance then I am scared to see how bad that Cha-Cha was. Uhh this was full of running, walking and standing still…. and oh his annoying screaming throughout the dance which was not needed. 😐 But yeah I felt he ran and walked throughout this dance doing the bare minimum. Thank goodness for Kylee, who was stunning and (over) dancing her butt off to overcompensate for whatever Fr Ray was doing. So thank you Kylee for making this watchable on your end. And yeah Fr Ray is really up there amongst the worst dancers ever on a DWTS show. :fear: Heck I even think that 9 was too high for this.


Ryan & Giulia - Jive: Thank you Ryan for this dance to clear out Fr Rays’s dance out of my mind. I notice how Ryan keeps getting the songs that last year’s Strictly celeb males got (Karim, Kelvin, now Chris). But wow this was an amazing Jive from Ryan! :w00t: I loved how energetic and high energy the routine was and Ryan really performed with a lot of gusto and fastness here. He had great sharp kicks and flicks, partnering work, performing skills and really shone throughout the dance. I do feel Ryan & Giulia dance as one unit and just so in sync wit each other here. Loved all of their side by side dancing g and partnering work, which was all on point.




1. Lottie & Pasquale - Salsa / Ryan & Giulia - Jive

3. Sinéad & Ryan - Quickstep

4. Aidan & Emily - Tango

5. Gráinne & Kai - Salsa

6. Glenda & Robert - Contemporary Ballroom

7. Brian & Laura - Charleston

8. Mary & John - American Smooth

9. Fr Ray & Kylee - Paso Doble

N/A. Michael & Karen - Paso Doble


Okay I cheated a bit as i don’t know which dance i prefer between Lottie’s or Ryan’s. Loved both of them and they deserved their scores!

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Week 5 Most Memorable night revealed! 😄




Aidan & Emily - Charleston to 'Bingo Bango' by Basement Jaxx

Brian & Laura - Cha-Cha to 'We Are Family' Sister Sledge

Grainne & Kai - Contemporary Ballroom to 'Unstoppable' Sia

Lottie & Pasquale - Tango to 'Radio' Beyonce

Mary & John - Waltz to 'Nocturne' Secret Garden

Michael & Karen - Tango to 'Gold' Spandau Ballet

Fr. Ray & Kylee - Viennese Waltz to 'Hallelujah' by Fr Ray Kelly

Ryan & Giulia - Rumba to 'Fix You' Coldplay

Sinead & Ryan - Cha-Cha to 'C'est La Vie' B*witched



- Ooh ok so Michael has the same song that James Cracknell and for his Tango. Uhh not sure which dance will be better - I’ll give it to Michael. #lowstandards

- Omgg I was hoping for Sinead to dance to C'est La Vie and yay this is the perfect week for her to do so. Should be a fun dance!

- Thinking Grainne could have a breakthrough with a Contemporary Ballroom, at least i’m hoping so.

- Ugh Fr Ray has a great combo of a VW to Hallelujah, which is such a strong vote getter. Not that he’ll be good with it but again hopefully he goes.

- Lottie really trying to cement her role as my favorite dancing to a Bey song. *wubs* Never really thought of Radio for a Tango but can’t wait for it.

- Then looking forward to Aidan and Ryan as well.

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Sinéad & Ryan - Cha-Cha: 6/6/7 = 19

Mary & John - Waltz: 5/5/6 = 16

Brian & Laura - Cha-Cha: 5/6/6 = 17

Ryan & Giulia - Rumba: 8/9/9 = 26

Fr Ray & Kylee - Viennese Waltz: 2/4/4 = 10

Lottie & Pasquale - Tango: 7/7/8 = 22

Gráinne & Kai - Contemporary Ballroom: 9/9/9 = 27

Michael & Karen - Tango: 4/4/5 = 13

Aidan & Emily - Charleston: 7/6/8 = 21


Oooh wow the scores took a big hurting this week - especially with favorites in Sinead, Lottie and Aidan. :ph34r:  Although they still remain in the Top 5 of scores.

- I worried if the Party Latins would shake Sinead up and be her weakness. :( 

- Okay scoers for Mary and Brian though Brian seems to be regressing. 

- A 22 at this point is still good/fine although seems low for Lottie, but this could help he out from ringer backlash (if that’s an issue in Ireland).

- Great scores for Ryan and looking forward to his Rumba.

- Yesss super happy for Grainne achieving her proper breakthrough dance with this Contemporary Ballroom and getting 9s. 😄 Can’t wait to see this one.

- Interesting how Aidan got all different scores - curious to see which judge I agree with.


Results should be coming up in like 20 minutes? 

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Oh the results have been revealed…. Posting in white text…


Michael & Karen are eliminated. A fair result, but Fr Ray was much worse than Michael, but at least a bad dancer goes.


Gah there were people really fearing for Sinead as she wasn’t talked about much on social media and had a weaker dance so thank goodness she’s still in.


Switch-Up week is next week and on a Saturday…. so no elimination there.

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I see Fix You isn't being used for Contemporary for once. :giggle:


Well, at least a weaker dancer left? I still fear that Fr. Ray will outlast better dancers and last way too long.

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On 2/3/2020 at 9:10 PM, *Amanda said:

I see Fix You isn't being used for Contemporary for once. :giggle:


Well, at least a weaker dancer left? I still fear that Fr. Ray will outlast better dancers and last way too long.

Ooh snap, I didn't think of that but so true. 😮 


#LowStandards slowly coming through. :haha: 

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Here are the Week 6 Switch-Up Night songs + dances:


Oooh ok soo all of the posts are separated one by one on the Instagram channel here: https://www.instagram.com/dwtsirl/.


Posting in white text...

Aidan & Kylee - Cha Cha to "Feels Like Home" - Sigala

Brian & Kai - Quickstep to "Out of our Heads" - Take That

Grainne & Pasquale - Rumba to "Beautiful People” -Ed Sheeran & Khalid

Lottie & Emily - Charleston to "Woman Up "- Megan Trainor

Mary & Ryan - Jive to "Twisting the Night Away "- Sam Cooke

Fr Ray & Giulia - Charleston to "National Express" - Divine Comedy

Ryan & Laura - Waltz to "Open Arms" - Journey

Sinéad & John Viennese Waltz to "Guilty” - Paloma Faith



- Ooh there are two same sex partnerships for the first time on DWTSIrl. 😮 I read articles of Brian wanting to dance with a male so that is cool this is happening now, with him dancing with Kai. I didn’t expect an all female partnership  to happen but glad both are happening. Looking forward to Lottie & Emily as well.

- Well ~the only good thing~ with Fr Ray lasting so long is that at least Kylee gets to dance with one of the good males in Aidan, so I’m happy for Kylee there. Although not sure how well Aidan can do with a Cha-Cha.

- On the other side, poor Giulia having to be settled with Fr Ray but ugh I guess someone had to be. Also lol @ Lottie and Fr Ray having th Charleston on the same week. Lottie is going to CRUSH that battle.

- Thinking Ryan & Laura and Sinéad & John are good switch-up partnerships, especially expecting Sinead to have a comeback.

- Never thought of “Beautiful People” for a Rumba but thinking Grainne can do very well with the softer and elegant dances. Interesting partnership with Pasquale too that I did not think about.

- Can’t see Mary’s Jive being too good but we shall see.

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Finally got around to watching the Week 5 Dances so gonna post my thoughts!



Week 5


Sinéad & Ryan - Cha-Cha: Aww it’s great that Sinéad gets to dance to the classic B*Witched hit which I was hoping she would. This was cute and fun to see the cheery happy side of Sinéad here although yeah this was easily her weakest dance, so I get the dip in scores. But it was still fine/passable. She did well with some Cha-Cha parts and had good fun with it but had stiffness in places. It was cute and cool how she added in the irish jig that B*Witched did in the music video. :haha: 


Mary & John - Waltz: Ah the music was really beautiful and highighted the beauty of the dance. This was a nice Waltz that I thought Mary handled, danced and performed well. I do think Mary is still quite tense and stiff in the upper body, with her neck and frame, so that kinda eases out the effortlessness of watching the dance. But I thought this was one of her better, if not her best dance yet. This suited her well. I liked it. Also thought she was a bit underscored but just by one point, so one more 6.


Brian & Laura - Cha-Cha: I heard Brian’s sisters were dancing with Brian on this dance sooo wait all those lie 5-6 women were his sisters? omg :dead:  Brian is a great and infectious performer and had a lot of fun through most of the routine but I am always left wanting more technique from him, I felt his footwork wasn’t slick as it could have been. I do feel like he seemed to lack some confidence and made some mistakes here and there which was a shame. Still it was a fun dance.


Ryan & Giulia - Rumba: So it’s nice having “Fix You” to a dance that isn’t a Contemporary and this dance shows it can work for a Rumba. This was really gorgeous and beautiful. I always take notice how much and how strong chemistry Ryan & Giulia have together and they really partnered each other beautifully, with Ryan showcasing Giulia very well here. But he also shone on his own showcasing a lot of fluidity, graceful and elegant movements. But whoa the second half got really angst-y and fast, which was a bit jarring at first but I didn’t mind and liked the intensity and passion they brought at that part. Another strong dance from them.


Fr Ray & Kylee - Viennese Waltz: N/A


Lottie & Pasquale - Tango: Since the obvious needs to be said, I love that Lottie danced to Beyoncé. :wub: And the song is fitting for her as she works in radio, and ugh this theme really makes me wish full episodes are available so I could see how these songs and stories and such all connect. Lottie delivered a strong and fierce Tango here. The choreo was definitely very modernized and there was a lot of little clever and creative moves in there I enjoyed. Lottie did well with the Tango basics of providing a strong firm frame, staccato footwork and sharpness with her movements. I’m curious how this was scored so low with those 7s because this dance def should have gotten at least all 8s, but I would guess all of the breaking out of hold lowered its scores? Still really good


Gráinne & Kai - Contemporary Ballroom: I had a feeling and was hoping the Contemporary Ballroom would be Gráinne’s breakthrough dance and thank goodness, it certainly was. Wow this was pretty dang great and impressive. This dance had a great mix of power and beauty to it. I thought Gráinne danced beautifully and with so much grace and elegance - and she provided a great frame and footwork in the ballroom section and stunning lines and technique in the Contemporary section. And most importantly, she SOLD this dance - with all of that power, conviction and attitude, she progressed like whoa and was not the dancer she was in Week 1 (where I felt her characterization in the Tango was a bit too sweet/graceful). That lift section at around 1:20 was absolutely CRAZY INSANE too, omg. :omg: Fantastic dance, and maybe the elegant dances are what suits her best but I hope Gráinne keeps delivering at this level, as we know she’s capable of it. ❤️ 


Michael & Karen - Tango: N/A


Aidan & Emily - Charleston: It’s interesting how this dance got a 7/6/8 from the judges and shockingly the lowest score came from Lorraine which has me shook, lmao. OK I can get how this dance was polarizing because it’s definitely not your traditional Charleston. I felt like this was a Charleston with some Salsa and Hip-Hop elements and it had that whole vibe to it. This was a lot of content but i thought Aidan did well with it. I did feel his energy level was a bit inconsistent where sometimes he would play it lowkey/smooth and be a bit low energy and other times eh was reallly high in energy - with Emily seeming very high energy throughout. His dancing was pretty good although not sure if the swivels were all the way on point. That part where he lifted Emily back into the other dancers was crazy impressive. I did really enjoy this but it felt more like a Showdance, so part of me wishes they saved it for that but then if they don’t make the finale, they won’t get to do that sooo IDK. :haha: 


My rankings:

  1. Gráinne & Kai - Contemporary Ballroom
  2. Ryan & Giulia - Rumba
  3. Lottie & Pasquale - Tango
  4. Aidan & Emily - Charleston
  5. Sinéad & Ryan - Cha-Cha
  6. Mary & John - Waltz
  7. Brian & Laura - Cha-Cha


Michael & Karen - Tango

Fr Ray & Kylee - Viennese Waltz

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The episode was on a special night, due to some Irish policital election coverage happening tomorrow? Anywho....


Week 6


Mary & Ryan - Jive: 4/5/5 = 14

Ryan & Laura - Waltz: 8/8/9 = 25

Fr Ray & Giulia - Charleston: 4/5/5 = 14

Sinéad & John Viennese Waltz: 9/9/9 = 27

Aidan & Kylee - Cha Cha: 6/6/6 = 18

Brian & Kai - Quickstep: 7/8/8 = 23

Gráinne & Pasquale - Rumba: 6/6/6 = 18

Lottie & Emily - Charleston: 9/8/9 = 26


Some thoughts:

- I feel like Switch-Up week can be really awkward for the celebs and especially the Pros, if the celebs do so much better or so much than usual which seems to  be the case here.

- Fr. Ray, Sinead, Brian all took big leaps and made major improvements in their scores.

- Giulia has proven to work well with lesser capable dancers like wit Fred last year - so him getting 5s is like amazing for him but those scores are only gonna help I’m in votes, so ugh we could lose someone good next week.

- I had a feeling Sinéad would make a strong comeback and she sure did with her VW. Can’t wait to watch this as  I can see her excelling with this. John does amazing VWs as he did with Mairead’s standout VW last year. Kinda wishing this was a legit partnership, despite not seeing the dance.

- Brian scored his best score by 3 points, so well done there.

- Then there are celebs who took some big dips like Mary, Aidan and Gráinne. Mary had a fast jive which was always gonna work against her. I didn’t see the Cha-Cha suiting Aidan so not surprised his scores took a tumble. I thought Gráinne would have fared better with a Rumba but maybe lack of chemistry with a new partner? That’s a tough style to get on Switch-Up and do wish she had that with Kai. :( Hoping she delivers a strong dance next week as I fare she could be in danger.

- Then there’s celebs like Ryan and Lottie, who seem to be great regardless of who they dance with.


No results this week as it’s Switch-Up week.

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