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Jake Hoot Fan Thread

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Some news    https://www.country965.com/2021/01/13/winner-of-the-voice-jake-hoot-duets-with-kelly-clarkson-on-i-wouldve-loved-you/  

IMO Jake & Kelly's performance of Wintersong was the best contestant/coach performance in the history of The Voice.  Jake was already racking up streaming leads over his competitors but Wintersong

Well, he continues to have my vote & attention. As the saying goes, he just nails it. It's done right & well and sounds just so fine. Jake is, sure, not going anywhere... well, no home, anyway :haha: Very clear he should stay.



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I’m still a fan (right now) but can someone take over the op I’m a bit busy to be monitoring fan threads atm.

Season1 said they would be OP now :jaswave:


let me know if you need the titles changed :thumbs:

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I absolutely love Jakes singing. So much better then a lot of other country singers. Beautiful performances with clarity of his words.

That's one thing Jake got going for him - good enunciation. :thumbs:


BTW do you want to be added to his fan list? :flowers:

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