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*** Danielle Bradbery Fan Thread 2.0***

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She already did, in one of her "Stairwell Sessions"      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzruZjkiAR8  

made a couple of Danielle Signatures, use if you want

I love GIMH more now and I hope we will get a music video for this 😊   Also, her cover of Slow Burn was added to Acoustic Covers playlist (3.6M followers) on Spotify and now having around 12

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7 hours ago, Drew1903 said:


Dunno why your posts didn't embed, but here it is 🙂








And here is the linked YT video








Here's a previous photo shoot (with NHIE bgm)






Danielle is very photogenic. :thumbs:


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Just experimenting.  And ii is exactly as it should be, now. Oh well, all seems fine so as you say 🤷‍♂️ And, thanks for putting it here looking right.

Actually, if I look at it a little more, there are 2 consecutive entries and the 1st is not imbedded, the 2nd one is.   ...strange, but true 😂

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15 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

How did I miss this yesterday? I guess YouTube notifications decided to not work...:/ 


It was newly posted (3 hours or so) when I decided to check YT. I don't have YT notification, I just search and sort by upload date to check if Danielle has new videos.


I also sometimes search Twitter for DB mentions since I don't have a Twitter account (or any other social media account).



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