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*** Danielle Bradbery Fan Thread 2.0***

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made a couple of Danielle Signatures, use if you want

From "Mean" to Queen in so many ways. And the best is yet to come!

https://twitter.com/DBradbery/status/1316841778029506562   "Sway" is certified gold!!!   😍   EDIT: "Sway" is Danielle's 2nd GOLD single. Her debut single, "The Heart of Di

Posted Images

Here are this week's publications: loZ0xpz.gif


Billboard Country Update

Mediabase Aircheck



"Never Have I Ever" debuted on Billboard Country Airplay chart at #59! UnefNYq.gif   






As a bonus on Billboard pub, there's a picture of Danielle and Justin on page 10, from the recent Billboard.com event. loZ0xpz.gif




Coincidentally, on the same page,  there's a picture of Pam Tillis, when she performed "Shake the Sugar Tree" at the Grand Ole Opry. Remember when Danielle performed STST on The Voice 7 years ago? oNghnm5.gif




Finally, on Mediabase pub, NHIE is #54 on the Activator (secondary) chart. DZB9PdR.gif

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1 hour ago, almondbee said:

I'm so happy that finally it debuted! @season1 do you know which radio station added it last August 24? I missed putting it on my notes.


KDRK in Spokane WA. It's the solo starter this week. loZ0xpz.gif


I was pleasantly surpised too, when NHIE debuted on Billboard Airplay this week. It made it before September! 😄  The Billboard debut is 7 weeks after impact date.

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"Never Have I Ever" is 9-week champion of "Frog Wars." DZB9PdR.gif


The next matchup is tough, vs Chris Stapleton. So we need all your votes, #teamDanielle. loZ0xpz.gif


KFROG 95.1 FM Frog Wars: Danielle Bradbery's "Never Have I Ever" vs Chris Stapleton's "Starting Over"





On CMT 12-Pack Video Countdown, NHIE slipped to #2 last weekend after 5 weeks at #1. Let's vote for Danielle's video to push it to #1 again. oNghnm5.gif


Vote on CMT 12 Pack Countdown


Radio Requesting Links


Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, etc


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Someone on SM suggested a Danielle-Morgan (Wallen) collab and I thought of the various collaborations Danielle had throughout the years. I started thinking that it would be great if Danielle would release an album or EP of collaborations/duets. oNghnm5.gif


While waiting for that album or EP, here are some of Danielle's top collaborations. Enjoy! 1jIPhjg.gif




One of the best ones, IMO, is The Voice Finale duet with Hunter Hayes: "I Want Crazy"







During one of Hunter's concerts, Danielle and Hunter sang a song from Danielle's debut album, "Endless Summer"






Of course, I have to include Danielle's single "Goodbye Summer" with Thomas Rhett






Before "Goodbye Summer", Thomas Rhett included this song featuring Danielle, "Playing with Fire," in one of his albums.







Danielle's version of "Shallow" with Parker McCollum, rounds out my Top 5 Danielle duets. loZ0xpz.gif








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18 hours ago, BogoGog24 said:

Haha we aren’t going to mention her duet with Grandpa Blake of Timber, I’m Falling in Love? 😁


I listed the duets not related to the competition so Danielle-Sarah, Danielle-Blake, and Danielle-Amber duets are not included.

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On 9/5/2020 at 9:00 AM, BogoGog24 said:

Haha we aren’t going to mention her duet with Grandpa Blake of Timber, I’m Falling in Love? 😁


Now that you mentioned it, I remember all those great collaborations that Danielle had while on The Voice. So here are more Danielle duets/group numbers. loZ0xpz.gif



Danielle's fun duet with Blake Shelton during the Finals, "Timber, I'm Falling In Love"







Danielle's duet with Sarah Simmons, "A Thousand Years"







Danielle's duet with Amber Carrington, "Eternal Flame"







Danielle's "bring back performance" during the Finale with Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser and Sarah Simmons - "American Girl"

BTW, Danielle had duets with all of them during the season (Caroline was her battle partner).





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OMG, Danielle is absolutely stunning❗

Danielle Bradbery | Music & Fashion: Modeliste Magazine - Behind the Scenes

Sing in a bathroom or a photo-shoot in a bathroom... seems both work REALLY well❗

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^ Great photo shoot. 👍


I love this photo that Danielle shared (from the same photo shoot).







Here's a great interview with Danielle from the Luna Collective Magazine that Danielle tweeted:




Here are a couple of questions/answers:



LUNA: You filmed the “Never Have I Ever” music video during quarantine, what was that experience like for you?

BRADBERY: It was a lot different! Honestly, I was so nervous! I didn’t know how it was going to come off especially when it was super important to be careful and cautious of everything. But we did it! And we did it safely! I’m super proud of us for making that happen. 


 LUNA: Lastly, what are your goals in the near or late future? Are you working on any projects that you would like to share? 

BRADBERY: I am working on new music and new content! I’m super excited for what’s to come and I just hope our world heals so everyone can do what we need to do!


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