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Max Boyle fanthread


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IPB Image
IPB Image
https://youtu.be/JsiTJkjVifI?t=44 cover I'm not the only one
save me original song
I cant make you love me cover
https://youtu.be/JRi0vNS3ZXI?t=34 say something cover

max voice audition
max montaged battle
https://youtu.be/sm1g7ch-ltU?t=2 max boyle o performance

https://youtu.be/m39J_EPcbgg?t=9 hallelujah cover
https://youtu.be/0guf5JWHvlg?t=6 whos loving you cover

i am a huge max fan I think he could be a dark horse for the contest if you want to be added just say add me

1 jamescasaki
2 Soomeone68
4 Dov
5 sadavis
6shadow guy1
7Future surviva
8Voice fan 1
9 soreneraya
12 Istersay
13 ryan
14 Strakguy
15 Boston026
16 T she ring
17 Voice fan
18Voice fan 12
19 Stacey
20 Marshmallow x pie
21 Mulher Pepita
22 archanium
23 Naira
24 Queenmae16 Edited by istersay
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If he can sing the way he has been, I believe he can do well and maybe make the finale.

He seems very solid so far technically, so hopefully it all works out. Many of them get stage fright for the first live show, but he seems enough of a pro and chill enough to get the job done. After all, he gave that incredible performance right after Katie--who'd just gotten a SO from all 4 coaches and the audience--and knowing John would pick her. He got this. :luck:

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Thanks for the links! :w00twave:


If you want the youtube videos to show up, paste the part between / and = like this:


[*youtube]insert that part here[*/youtube] (delete the * )


Ex: for

[*youtube]nOPMF2r6QmQ?t[*/youtube] (delete the * )



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So excited for Max, I'm gonna vote hardcore for him, he deserves a spot in the Top 13.


I know he should be fine, but you never know with this show... Hoot and Shane need to be stopped :angry:



He needs a killer song choice. Everybody not TB does at this stage. And then there's the bussing.

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