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The CBS RTV Rankdown

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Thinking about the last time Michele was in a competition and the host didn't want her to win    

Angelina of all people being the contestant that made Probst realize maybe there is sexism in Survivor is iconic.

I feel very icky about this right now and I’m not happy running this game still. I’m just gonna take some time. Life is more important than this game and if I don’t feel comfortable with something I’m

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Brian & Ericka



Cutting them because they're my least favorites of all the nominees remaining. And TAR 15 isn't a very good season. It was in that weird stretch of underwhelming seasons that the show had. It was just...boring? I guess. Ericka was Miss America in 2004. She & Brian were a married couple who referred to themselves as Team Zebra. During their time on the race, they never won a leg. The closest they came was in Leg 4 where they finished 2nd. After that, they fell to the back of the pack but managed to survive because Maria & Tiffany and Flight Time & Big Easy both quit tasks and then Gary & Matt were just...not very good. These two ultimately finished 3rd behind Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan. They got divorced at some point after the race. Also, apparently Brian appeared on an episode of Shark Tank and the sharks told him to shut  down his company? :dead: I don't watch that show, but interesting fact I guess.


SAVING: Danielle DiLorenzo

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Hayden & Aaron


I- I cut them thinking they were an all male team WE but turns out Hayden is a unisex name and she's ACTUALLY a girl. WHO KNEW!!!! Anywho~~~ Hayden Kristianson and Aaron Crumbaugh are a team of Dating Actors on The Amazing Race 6. Actors ---- I had to laugh, I aint seen them in nothin. More like wannabe actors. Aaron Crumbagh EYE -- this guy looks familiar. Where do i know him from?? Food Network Star I- So the wannabe actor is now a wannabe chef. How CUTE. Anyways. They were the 2nd best team for most of the season but had a lot of bad transportation and ended up in 4th place. They were the firsts to start the cheesy string on on-show proposals,,, i had to vomit.

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13 minutes ago, FlavorfulFifi said:

Hayden & Aaron


I- I cut them thinking they were an all male team WE but turns out Hayden is a unisex name and she's ACTUALLY a girl. WHO KNEW!!!! 

LOL this is what you get for being so anti-male. :dead: 

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Tribe 1:

Hayden Moss
Nikki Grahame
Tiffany Pollard
Don & Mary Jean
Ken & Gerard
Sam & Dan
Tim & Marie
Oswald & Danny
Frank & Margarita
Nancy & Emily


Tribe 2:

Julie Berry

Stephenie LaGrossa

Chase Rice

Chelsea Meissner

Porsche Briggs

Cody Calafiore

Michelle Meyer

Cody & Jessica

Caroline & Jennifer

Sam & Dan


Vote to save a tribe (RIP Sam & Dan)

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