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The CBS RTV Rankdown


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Meghan & Cheyne



After exchanging names with pretty much everyone, making deals and removing names who I wasn't going to cut, I came to a list which predominantly included TAR teams, and I thought it would be fitting to cut one of them anyway considering I know less about them/it gives me less to decide when ranking them in the top 20 LOL. Eventually, going through the list I settled on Meghan & Cheyne. Straight away reading about these two I recognize that they were an incredibly dominant team in the race. They won seven out of their twelve legs - placing second in three of the others, and the remaining two they placed 5th/6th. Honestly, huge props for them for being so dominant and managing to not lose any of that momentum. Reading about them I was hoping to maybe see something dramatic or messy that they did, because their journey honestly seems so perfect that I was hoping there'd be some iconic trainwrecky moment in the middle of it all - but I can't find anything! Although there is a part where it says that they won a sauna one leg and neither of them were that happy about it. :dead: 


Meghan and Cheyne continued their success in the race into their real lives, where they got married and now have two children together. My favorite thing about doing TAR writeups for couples is writing lots of words about how they seem like a great match, and then scrolling to the bottom of their Wiki page to find out they split like 6 months after the show aired. So I'm glad these two are an exception. Congratulations to them on their time on the show, as well as getting this far on this rankdown. As someone who didn't watch this season though I can't help but think - did it not become really predictable? :haha: Like I can imagine especially in that last half of the race it must have been clear as day that they were winning this. But yeah, this is not a petty cut, or really that strategic - when it came down to the longlist of names I had left, they were just the ones that stuck out to me from what I read, to cut. With such an amazing run on the show it's great that they were able to match it here.

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17 hours ago, Alex95 said:

Here's the final 27 you will all be cutting from:

Jenna Morasca

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Peih-Gee Law

Andrea Boehlke

Kim Spradlin

Jeremy Collins

Michele Fitzgerald

Angelina Keeley

Will Kirby

Jason Guy

Janelle Pierzina

Daniele Donato

Keesha Smith

Britney Haynes

Vanessa Rousso

Natalie Negrotti

Tiffany Pollard

Blake & Paige

Colin & Christie

Charla & Mirna

Dustin & Kandice

Meghan & Cheyne

Nat & Kat

Brook & Claire

Bopper & Mark

Natalie & Nadiya

Hayley & Blair


Good luck! @*Amanda @1234567890 @QueenKalie   


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4 hours ago, Alex95 said:

A fair cut, Mark & Bopper were the weak links left. I like them though!


3 hours ago, FlavorfulFifi said:



I love them so much, such pure souls. Great spot for them, happy they made it this far!

Agreed with these comments. Very well done to Bopper & Mark making it his far. 


3 hours ago, FlavorfulFifi said:

Megan and Cheyne are incredible ugh. Such a dominant team while being likable and rootable at the same time.




Sad to see them go as I really liked/loved them and they were my first TAR favorites. ❤️ 


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Charla & Mirna




I'm the least attached to The Amazing Race so it should come as no shocker as my final cut will be from that series. And after all the deal making no one requested safety for these two so I'm hoping it's a safe cut to make. Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan are a team of cousins on The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race: All-Stars. Charla is the first disabled person to compete on The Amazing Race so that's really special and groundbreaking. Charla is the first and only dwarf person who has competed on The Amazing Race. They finished in 6th place on The Amazing Race and came back for All-Stars. They bested their 6th place finish on All-Stars where they finished in 3rd. Amazing and commendable on their end but it's the end of the road for Charla & Mirna.

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