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Pokemon Rankdown 1.0

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Galarian Zapdos! but is now growing on me :ph34r: :teehee:

The Galarian versions of the trio intrigue me, too. :yes: I haven't yet looked at the rest. They've really got a boner for making alternate formes. :giggle:

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I might be willing to join this rankdown!

can you believe pokemon swsh said GAY RIGHTS  

Congrats to Squirtle. If Arcanine couldn’t win, at least it was runner-up to a Pokémon I like a lot too.   Awesome job hosting this, Rei! The creativity of this rankdown was fantastic and yo

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Every change to Articuno and Moltres were always going to be an improvement from the originals


Zapdos is already perfect they way it is.. having said that Galarian Zapdos is quickly growing on me :"> and is and is already my favorite from the new birds forms



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I’m not gonna be around that much for the next two weeks, so the top 10 reveal will probably resume after that date. That is if the idf upgrade is done by then of course!

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1 hour ago, Solaris said:

Hopefully Rei will be around a bit to post some more. 10 left!

I don't think I will be able to post much this following week but I will try..


how do I add pictures now? 

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