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Pokemon Rankdown 1.0

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I might be willing to join this rankdown!

can you believe pokemon swsh said GAY RIGHTS  

Congrats to Squirtle. If Arcanine couldn’t win, at least it was runner-up to a Pokémon I like a lot too.   Awesome job hosting this, Rei! The creativity of this rankdown was fantastic and yo

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Nah, Sola's (and Rei's lol) #1 have already been posted.

It's BOTH the #1 and having 8 of my bottom 10 (all of my bottom 8 in fact) that make my rankings unique.


should have made that clearer in my initial comment.

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IPB Image

Avg: 15.71


Sola - 3/20

Nico - 14/20

Victoria - 15/20

James - 19/20

Steven - 19/20

Megan - 20/20

Dee - 20/20










agreed awful taste by everyone except me. :*


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