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Pokemon Rankdown 1.0

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I might be willing to join this rankdown!

can you believe pokemon swsh said GAY RIGHTS  

Congrats to Squirtle. If Arcanine couldn’t win, at least it was runner-up to a Pokémon I like a lot too.   Awesome job hosting this, Rei! The creativity of this rankdown was fantastic and yo

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I can’t wait to leave this place.



:( I am sorry, I thought we had a strategy in place to get rid of two that could afford to be cut at this point. I am glad you didn't lose both Bulbasaur and Squirtle though, as that would have made me feel really bad. (Even though its cost me Sylveon)

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I am surprised Bulbasaur is out of the rankdown. I expected it to be in the Top 20. Some shady people though! Bulbasaur is the very first grass (who is also a poison pokemon) starter pokemon. He evolves into Ivysaur (which is my favorite of the 3 pokemon) at level 16. Its next evolution is Venusaur at level 32. Bulbasaur was my last favorite of the Gen 1 starters, but it had its moments. On one of my play through I gave it Solarbeam, and it dominated. Bulbasaur is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic type moves. However Bulbasaur is resistant to fighting, water, electric, grass and fairy.



I know a huge part of Bulbasaurs popularity is from the anime. It has a very distinct personality. To this date, Ashes bulbasaur has not evolved. Sorry Victoria, I did not expect this to be the result.

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I have no idea why is still on this


But Gardevoir was my favorite from these 4 so I would have moved them on

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Sylveons expression says everything about this cut.



This cut crushes me. Sylveon is my favorite eeveelution, and my second favorite pokemon ever. Sylveon evolves from Eevee when it has achieved a high level of friendship. It was also the face of the Fairy line when they got introduced in Gen 6. Its hard to say why this pokemon is my second favorite pokemon ever. Its adorable first of all. It is a powerful special attacker and Fairy has some interesting abilities. Its cute charm ability makes it possible for it to infatuate opposing pokemon. Its hidden ability Pixilate turns any normal type moves it uses into Fairy moves and powers them up.



Sylveon is immune to dragon type moves. She is weak to poison and steel moves, making this a surprisingly defensive typing. Sylveon is resistant to fighting, bug and dark moves. I am very happy I was able to get Sylveon as far as I did, as I know I am its biggest fan on here. I wish it could have cracked the Top 50, but I knew not all of my favorites would get there. Robbed!

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Round 3 - Triple Battles in Unova

Steven is now free to post his triple battle. He must pick 6 Pokemon and divide them in teams of 3.
The rest will vote for the team they want to win and make the Top 34.

If a tie happens then Steven will decide which 3 pokemon move on. (These are the same rules as the ones we followed in that cycle)

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Gigantamax Raids are a B*TCH!


Also vote for Espeon because it’s my favorite Pokémon. Lol. Or don’t. I don’t care!

Ugh, I like Team 1 more as a whole, sry. It'll probably lose though, lol.


Decidueye, Haunter, Squirtle - James

Espeon, Incineroar, Snubbull - Megan

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