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IDF's Master Top 40 Countdown 2019

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3 minutes ago, jstxanothrxstory said:

I don't know if anyone has noticed but our posts are all formatted differently now. Pressing enter makes everything double spaced. If you want them to be line by line, press SHIFT+ENTER whenever you want to get to the next line and it'll fix it.

This is why the posts look weird now.

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Welcome back from the dead. :w00twave:

I'm glad IDF still lives on despite all difficuluties it had lately. I was just hoping it would not disappear for good. ❤️

Sucks that we lost the archive with old post though.. R.I.P so many memories. 😥 But glad to see you guys are still here. :wub:

As for the list, I'm 9/20 out of those posted so far. Especially glad to see Amy, both Lindsays and Natascha. Lindsay A. had probably one of the biggest jumps on my list because she's so good now. :wub:

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5 hours ago, totes4totes said:



I defend in 2.5 weeks so this will come back after that! 

Yay! I forgot about this too, lol. But it would be cool to see the rest of the rankdown. 😄


Good luck with that!! :hug:

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