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The Voice S17 - Spoilers/News/Updates


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actually they just posted Rose/Katie and the background song is the same so I think no one is actually singing IWDWS :ph34r:


rose and katie is what we deserve


Duet wish list ...


Rose & Katie - YASSSSSS!!!!! I'd like something cool and edgy like "Tainted Love" Soft Cell, or something unexpected and rose-themed like "Every Rose has its Thorn" Poison (Katie being Rose's :haha: ), but we'll probably get "Ain't Nobody" Rufus & Chaka Khan, but you know what? Who cares! They would kill it even on "9 to 5"! Just give us this duet already!!!!!!


Will & Ricky - "Footloose" Kenny Loggins" :haha: or seriously "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" Hall & Oates, or (for me) "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" The Police.


Jake & MaryBeth - "Islands in the Stream" Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers ... And MB goes full Hail-Mary(Beth) country!


Kat & HS - "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House (might seem to favor Kat, but not the Miley/Ariana version, with HS taking all the Grande bits of course) or "Life in a Northern Town" Dream Academy (Sugarland ft Jake Owen version. Lots of cool harmonies on this song), or "Lean on Me" Club Nouveau (another one that's harmony heaven. This might favor HS, but Kat should be able to hold her own).


MaryBeth and Kat could be interchangeable. ^_^




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Ok, having had the chance to listen to all the studios: (Not ranked in any particular order)


Katie - This song choice is just :wacko::wacko: She performed it well, and I guess a positive is that a lack of really big moments mean there's no chance to accuse her of "screaming." She'll probably kill it but the song is still just :wacko::wacko:


Rose - 100% totally subjective and biased, but this is my favorite studio. Overdone song but it's both tasteful and epic.


Ricky - Undoubtedly the best song choice IMO. Has a chance to really polevault into real contender-status


Kat - Another really, really good song choice. Obviously she is not my favorite singer, but this could put a wrench in things imo.


Hello Sunday - I don't think this is the type of song that will give them a moment they needed. Left me feeling meh


Marybeth - :dead: :dead: after she was morphed into and branded as a pop singer since joining John, she's suddenly country again? I feel bad for her. TPTB have not been kind.


Jake - Another great song choice for Jake. Does exactly what it needs to for him.


Will - This is actually probably my favorite studio from him? It feels very on-brand. Energetic, uptempo. I don't know how it will play with the public though.


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Aliyah Moulden put Marybeths song to rest, Marybeth sounds good but Aliyah slayed this with the emotion in her voice


Yeah, even though Aliyah helped put an end to my fav contestant ever


Aliyah >>>> Marybeth


That was my favorite performance of hers!


Also... hopefully we can add Destiny Rayne to the list including Jaclyn Lovey & Dallas Caroline of contestants who faced a finalist in both their KO & Battle! Fingers crossed! :flowers: :flowers:

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Kats song is the only one never done on this show, Wills was done once a lot of seasons ago, and the rest are songs all done before recently

BTW, so much for the 80's theme for the solos too. Let's see the duets now...


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- Ricky and Rose: They both sound amazing :wub:

- Katie:This is either a bus or she's so far ahead that TPTB doesn't care anymore. :unsure:

- Marybeth: LMFAO, I've been waiting for this to happen since the battle rounds. Poor girl. :roll:

- Jake: Another easy bonus for him. :muwahaha:

- Will, Kat and HS: I do not care. :yawnwave:

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