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The Drag Race Rankdown #2


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17 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

i lied. the @ feature is the best feature. 

My favourite feature is not getting CLOUDFARE AUTOMATED BACK-UP every six minutes, thus making me worry I lost a write-up I was working on.

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Dee's Vote:

10pts. Katya (AS2)

9pts. Manila Luzon (AS4)

8pts. Shangela (AS3)

7pts. Willam (S4)

6pts. Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

5pts. Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11)

4pts. Farrah Moan (S9)

3pts. Farrah Moan (AS4)

2pts. Kahanna Montrese (US11)

1pts. Gothy Kendoll (UK1)


Derek's Vote:

10pts - Shangela (AS3)

9pts - Katya (AS2)

8pts - Manila Luzon (AS4)

7pts - Willam (S4)

6pts - Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

5pts - Farrah Moan (AS4)

4pts - Farrah Moan (S9)

3pts - Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11)

2pts - Gothy Kendoll (UK1)

1pt - Kahanna Montrese (S11)


Lily's Vote:

10pts - Shangela (AS3)

9pts - Katya (AS2)

8pts - Willam (S4)

7pts - Manila Luzon (AS4)

6pts - Farrah Moan (S9)

5pts - Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

4pts - Farrah Moan (AS4)

3pts - Kahanna Montrese (S11)

2pts - Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11)

1pts - Gothy Kendoll (UK1)


Vee's Vote:

10pts. Farrah Moan (S9)

9pts. Farrah Moan (AS4)

8pts. Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

7pts. Gothy Kendoll (UK1)

6pts. Manila Luzon (AS4)

5pts. Katya (AS2)

4pts. Shangela (AS3)

3pts. Willam (S4)

2pts. Kahanna Montrese (US11)

1pts. Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11)


Zoey's Vote:

10pts - Silky Nutmeg Ganage (S11)

9pts - Shangela (AS3)

8pts - Willam (S4)

7pts - Katya (AS2)

6pts - Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

5pts - Farrah Moan (AS4)

4pts - Kahanna Montrese (S11)

3pts - Farrah Moan (S9)

2pts - Gothy Kendoll (UK1)

1pt - Manila Luzon (AS4)



41pts - Shangela (AS3)

40pts - Katya (AS2)

33pts - Willam (S4)

31pts - Manila Luzon (AS4) & Sum Ting Wong (UK1)

27pts - Farrah Moan (AS4)

26pts - Farrah Moan (S9)

21pts - Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11)

13pts - Gothy Kendoll (UK1)

12pts - Kahanna Montrese (S11)



Shangela (AS3), Katya (AS2) and Willam (S4) will directly advance.

Farrah Moan (both iterations), Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11), Gothy Kendoll (UK1) and Kahanna Montrese (S11) are all automatically eliminated for now.

Manila Luzon (AS4) and Sum Ting Wong (UK1) are tied and will go in the tiebreaker.


Just like last year, all ties are broken by whichever queen had the highest rank by any ranker.

Sum Ting's highest ranking was an 8 from Vee; Manila Luzon's highest ranking was a 9 from Dee.

Manila Luzon will advance, and Sum Ting Wong is eliminated for now.




Sum Ting Wong - @vee_

Farrah Moan (AS4) - @*Lily

Farrah Moan (S9) - @vee_

Silky Nutmeg Ganache - @Zoey0069

Gothy Kendoll - @FrogLenzen

Kahanna Montrese - @*Lily


Once these write-ups are posted, I will post the next round.

In addition, since neither of @Deeee's nominations were eliminated, he has earned himself an advantage for the next set of nominations that only he will be aware of.

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season 11 Silky GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race
hungry rupauls drag race GIF by Stan.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache


Silky is a queen known for her personality and performances over her runway looks. Silky came in to the competition all guns blazing and that didn’t die down the entire way along. I think Silky had some lovely runways but I know this is probably an unpopular opinion. Also, she was the best in the “Queens Everywhere” music video at top five. EAT IT!


What’s Silky remembered for exactly? Being loud, the ‘No Scrubs’ lip sync and looking petrified at the finale. I think she was pretty consistent the entire way through as S11 was absolutely diabolical and I can’t think of one queen who really shined strong to make a name for themselves. Anyway, Silky Nutmeg Ganache lives on.. just not in this rankdown. I personally live for her and her jumping back split.

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4 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

seeing the results makes me want to petition to join in. 


and then i look at all the papers i need to read. 


and then i log off idf. 😭

I’d sign this petition.

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5 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

seeing the results makes me want to petition to join in. 


2 minutes ago, *Chris said:

same :giggle:

 There will be a round involving the previous rankers that aren't participating in this one. 👼

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