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The Drag Race Rankdown #2


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Nearing on two days since @FrogLenzen posted his nominations. Dee was granted an extension, but since it is now the day after, Derek is free to step in and make the final decision if he would like, or he can just say someone else can have it. I'll give him until 8:00p EST tonight, at which point any of the remaining rankers may step in regardless.

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In addition, @FrogLenzen will not be able to cut/save the following queens in the next cycle:

A'kashia (S1)
Darienne Lake (S6)
Dusty Ray Bottoms (S10)
Kalorie Kardashian Williams (S10)
Mayhem Miller (S10)
Yuhua Hamasaki (S10)
Shangela (S2)


As well as whichever one survives of the remaining three nominations:

Nicole Paige Brooks (S2)

Nina Flowers (AS1)
Tempest DuJour (S7)


I didn't realize how little names that would be when I came up with that restriction, sorry y'all

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mimi imfurst applause GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


LOL that's all Giphy had. I guess I'll also include Insta to be nice


Eliminating Tempest to make sure Season 7 has a cut finally. Also, because she's another first-out. Tempest was on Season 7 and went home immediately. Her nude illusion runway was not good at all. Then she came back mid-season for the bring-back episode and unfortunately was paired with Jaidynn DF. After Kennedy and Jasmine paired up, Jaidynn was kind of left with no one who could pass as her siamese twin. So they tried to make it work with a weird disco theme and were connected by the... uh... idk, it was awkward. So yeah she went home again after that. Tempest was proud to have lost a ton of weight before the show. I don't know what that did to her drag, but good for her anyway. Tempest is most notable for being an awesome dad to uh.. I think two kids? Anyway you should google that if you're curious. Tempest still does drag and remains involved with the Ru scene. She was in that movie Cherry Pop that I never watched. Did anyone see that and would recommend? Anyway, yeah. @Deeee Sorry to steal your thunder if you were going to save Tempest but I doubt it so hopefully this saves you a little time and you feel better ❤️ 

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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

We did already lose Kennedy from S7. :haha:


Tempest’s episode one look was terrible but I still thought Sasha should’ve been in danger over her. :haha:

 Oh yeah, that was me too lol. Was Sasha not in the bottom at all? Didn't she have like a big black bra strap or something? And she thought she cracked the code, smh my head my head

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season 1 1x9 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

Literally no idea where that gif is from, but hopefully it's not from Season 1 at least. Nina was the runner-up in Season 1 and lost to Bebe. Nina is a sickening queen who always manages to look HD even if there's a ridiculous filter. I thought she was going to win Season 1, but Bebe was a worthy winner I guess. So when Nina walked in the door for All Stars 1 it was very exciting because she was a front-runner in my book. Nina vs. Chad vs. Manila vs. Raven? Yes please. But I guess they were only able to negotiate 6 episodes or something so instead of doing a double elimination each week they invented the horrible teams stuff. We don't need to unpack AS1, the point is that Nina and Tammie somehow ended up paired together which was not smart. Does anyone remember a single thing Nina did on AS1? No. If you say you do you're lying. She and Tammie went home early. I remember Tammie on AS1 for her iconic untucked moments, but literally nothing from Nina. So yeah even though she's amazing and her Season 1 version deserves to go VERY far in this rankdown, this particular version of her is underwhelming, forgettable, and nothing like we hoped to see. With queens coming back from AS1 to do newer All Stars seasons, I have high hopes to see Nina again.



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Anyway I’ll update the OP with the most recent eliminations in a bit, but @*Chris is up for his nominations to kick off cycle three! Anyone who doesn’t have immunity is eligible, but his nominations must not prohibit anyone from being able to cut/save (i.e.: no exclusively nominating all stars seasons, or just S7/S8 or S1/S4, etc.)

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I'm at work right now but I'm cutting Monique because I just don't like her and her drag. Her runway looks were atrocious and when they're good, they're just mediocre and forgotten compared to the other runway looks of the week. I found her nasally tone so annoying and hard to listen to. Her makeup is so bad and dry and crusty and she didn't know how to blend well. Her wigs were not cute too. I didn't find her funny as well and thank god i can't cut her AS one because she annoyed the hell out of me with the repetition of brown cow stunning. Anyway, I don't find her a good lipsyncer too. She is a nice girl though so there's that. Overall, I didn't like her in her season at all. Because of all those, she deserves to go from this rankdown. That's all I can say about her.



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