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The Drag Race Rankdown #2


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Charlie Hides was the third queen to be eliminated in season 9. She deserved to go after doing that horrendous lipsync as Trinity Kill Bill'd her. I don't find her memorable at all except her lying moments about why she couldn't perform properly during the lipsync. I forgot what the excuses were but they changed quite a few times if I recall correctly (but I might be wrong okay, I'm just trying to reach a hundred words so I might be imagining stuff). I do know that it was because of her cracked rib, a result from her performance during the cheerleading challenge. Anyway, I was never a fan of her runway looks during the season. On her elimination week, she flopped so hard during the maxi challenge. It was the news anchor thing challenge with Naya Rivera (QUEEN!!! 💗). Imagine Cynthia outshining you. Wooh, that's embarrassing. Bye bye Miss Hides!



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GIF by Jasmine MastersGIF by Jasmine Masters

Jasmine Masters (AS4)

Jasmine is someone who I’ve never really got. I don’t find her comedic, I don’t find her looks to be great and I don’t think she’s that good of a performer. Jasmine came in to AS4 after one of her videos went viral and was shared by Justin Bieber. Do I think she deserved a spot on all stars because of that? Nope. I can think of plenty of other queens who have done better things and would’ve used the spot in a better way but whatever. Jasmine views herself as a comedy queen but as we saw in the talent show.... she clearly isn’t. I can’t think of one “funny” thing Jasmine has said or done since being on the show. I can’t think of one runway where she actually brought it. That runway for the Christmas special still haunts me to this day!! 

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season 8 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race
season 8 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race S8

Cynthia Lee Fontaine (S9)

Cynthia was brought by back RuPaul to compete once again after feeling she let go of too early in her season and deserved another chance. Why did she deserve another chance? I have no idea! Cynthia had never really impressed me during her original run and her personality started to grate me on. Continually mentioning her “cucu” which wasn’t that big and coming off as trying too hard. She won Miss Congeniality for her short stay on season eight and was eventually invited back for the next reason. Her fairytale princess and sidekick was average, she really wasn’t good during the talk show challenge, she didn’t know her words throughout Kardashian: The Musical and was cringe worthy during the snatch game. Finally, Peppermint slaughtered her in the lip sync and she was sent home. Hopefully never to appear on Drag Race again. The end.


Saving: Akashia 

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Remaining TatiannaChoices.gif for @*Lily and @Deeee:

Kalorie Kardbdashian Williams (S10)

Kelly Mantle (S6)
Mimi Imfurst (AS1)
Nicole Paige Brooks (S2)

Nina Flowers (AS1)
Tempest DuJour (S7)


I still need @Deeee's immunity pick as well.


Here are the numbers everyone picked. @Deeee is stuck with #4:

1. @vee_
2. @Zoey0069
3. @FrogLenzen
4. @deee
5. @*Lily

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The numbers you each picked for cycle three will determine a restriction placed on you for the entirety of the cycle.



1. @vee_ - You cannot save or cut anyone from an All Stars season or the UK series.
2. @Zoey0069 - You cannot save or cut anyone from S7/S8/S9/S10/S11. (AS2/AS3/AS4 is still allowed.)
3. @FrogLenzen - You cannot save or cut anyone who you had previously nominated or saved in Cycle 2. (I will send you a PM with these names if you need.)
4. @deee - You cannot save or cut anyone from S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6. (AS1 is still allowed.)
5. @*Lily - You cannot save any contestant who has a duplicate in this rankdown, regardless of whether they are still remaining or not.

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Mimi Imfurst (AS1)



Seeing as I've already cut one half of Team Mandora it feels fitting to take the second half out, too. Mimi is a mess lol, she seemed like the obvious filler queen for All-Stars 1 which is why it's so crazy that she made it to top 3 in the votes - this was clearly a shock to everyone else in that season as well. Like I've addressed with Pandora's write-up, I understand why she was pretty downhearted about this pairing, Mimi was not the person you wanted to end up in a pair with. They lost that first challenge and while I don't think Mimi did terrible with the lip-sync in all honesty, it made much more sense to send home her and Pandora, than it did Shannel and Chad. Think it's been addressed here as well that Mimi is a sh**ty person so this is an easy cut to make.


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Kelly Mantle


I know the pic isn't her but I couldn't resist :dead: lol I remember seeing something on Reddit recently about old spoilers and how in Season 6 it was rumored that Bianca went home first while Kelly was top 3 and a threat to win. Which as we know now, is so wildly inaccurate. I don't have anything against Kelly, she seems nice enough, but her run on the show was short and fairly unmemorable. In the first design challenge she had to make a dress based on the show Downton Abbey, famously including flower petals which instead just looked like bacon. After losing the lip-sync against Vivacious she was the first queen eliminated. Looking back at the looks from that episode though I think Kelly's was better than Adore's which was a mess and should have been in the bottom two. It would have been good to see how Kelly did in the upcoming challenges that were acting/comedy-based. Apparently she was considering playing NeNe Leakes for Snatch Game which... would have been interesting. So yeah, it would have been nice to see Kelly make it a little further but also I loved Season 6 and was fine with her being an early boot.

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Last year's rankdown saw the jury vote come into play for the final cycle of nominations.

This year, we're changing it up just a bit.


For this cycle, our jury will consist of last year's rankers who are not participating in this year's edition.

When it's their turn to nominate, @*Chris, @totes4totes, @#jeah and @sublymonal will each nominate 11 queens.

The rankers will proceed as normal and cut & save one drag queen a piece.


However, @*Lily received the advantage for the second cycle.

As such, she is permitted to make two cuts per round for this cycle and, if she doesn't want to do the write-up, can elect to assign the write-up to someone else.

If she chooses not to cut a second drag queen, the remaining drag queen at the end of the round will be safe by default.




I almost forgot.👼

@Deeee and @*Lily, as rankers in the first rankdown and this one, will be nominating together for a round this cycle.

Their nominations will just consist of six queens, for the remaining three rankers to choose from.




1. @*Chris

2. @sublymonal

3. @totes4totes

4. @Deeee & @*Lily

5. @#jeah


The immunities that were posted previously are not eligible to be nominated by the "jury".

All restrictions on our rankers that were announced earlier are in effect for this cycle only.


If there are any questions, please ask.

Chris is free to post his nomination once Dee closes out this cycle with his write-ups.

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