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The Drag Race Rankdown #2


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Alexis Mateo (S3)

Chad Michaels (S4)

Roxxxy Andrews (S5)

Kennedy Davenport (S7)

Naomi Smalls (S8)

Valentina (S9)

Kennedy Davenport (AS3)

Eureka (S10)

Nina West

Blu Hydrangea

Darienne Lake

Jiggly Caliente

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sassy logo tv GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

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Jiggly was a contestant on Season 4, AKA the season of the teeth. And she definitely had some teeth. Nowadays, Jiggly is a gorgeous transwoman with a new smile, but back in season 4 she was a crunchy mess. What do I remember of Jiggly... baked potato realness outfit and surviving the first lip sync, mostly. She placed 8 out of 13. We are most thankful for Jiggly sending Milan home finally. I also remember the plotline of Phi Phi giving Jiggly bad advice for the float challenge and Jiggly being righteously pissed at the finale. Phi Phi was reality TV gold. But this is about Jiggly. Her Snatch Game was Snookie and was part of the far too much unprofessionalism in the front row. Jiggly had some drama moments and got heated at times, but I remember her being well-meaning and capable of self-reflection, unlike some other contestants over the years. I wouldn't have cut her this early compared to some other messes left, but of this set of noms it's an easy choice.


Save Darienne Lake. 

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