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The Drag Race Rankdown #2


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34 minutes ago, Elliott said:


I like making them all separate entities, but if a majority of the rankers in the third rankdown rant it to be done like DWTS/Survivor, we can do it that way. :haha: 

I’d be down either way of course! :haha:

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I'm down for either method, but I definitely prefer to assess a queen based on their entire body of work. One iteration where we assess the entire body of work makes more sense to me than separating by appearance.

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I just think it's difficult sometimes to make a fair decision in this game when we separate by appearance. That is because no matter how hard I try, I know that I am always making a choice based on an assessment of the contestant as a whole. 

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Just finished watching season 3 and I will continue having different opinions from everybody else except for @Zoey

The first half of the season was terrible imo and there were some truly bland and annoying contestants. I believe the second half was much better and except for the dumb idea to bring Carmen back, those episodes were pretty good.

Super predictable and boring Top 2 even if they were probably the two strongest contestants. 




1. Alexis Mateo -  Goddess!!! One of the best personalities in all three seasons and many iconic moments throughout the season. Up until now she's probably my second favorite queen after Bebe. 

2. Yara Sofia - Hilarious! Iconic! Some flawless runway presentations! What a great reality tv character.

3. Stacy Layne Matthews - Her interviews were always the best! I agree she wasn't near the level of the other queens, but she made me fall in love with her. Her Cardio informercial and Monique impersonation are iconic!

4. Manila Luzon - Manila was probably robbed of the title as I believe she was the strongest from the season. Iconics runway for sure, but I didn't like her humor and her personality kinda sucks.

5. Raja - At first I was excited cause I recognized Raja from ANTM but soon that excitement fade away as I didn't like her personality at all. Having said that bitch had many Runway killer moments which at least kept me interested to continue watching her journey. 

6. Shangela - I wanted to be team Shangela but girl was not ready for this season. She also became kinda annoying and had some sort of entitlement attitude that I didn't like in the end. Some iconic moments for sure like her PIMP comedy act.

7. Mariah - So much wasted potential! She was probably the best looking one of the season but her run was super underwhelming.

8. India Ferrah - I kinda liked her but knew soon enough she wasn't lasting long. She rank at this spot just because I dislike some of the ones below.

9. Carmen Carrera - I can see that every season they try to cast a queen that relies heavily just on looks like Rebecca and Tatiana in the previous seasons. But at least Rebecca and Tatiana were somehow fun and entertaining whereas Carmen was just obnoxious and terrible. I don't understand why they brought her back when she had been sucking all season long.

10. Delta Work - Awful! Lasted too long! Obnoxious personality! Bye

11. Venus D-Lite - It was kinda entertaining seeing her being cut first after she was pretty cocky in the beginning.

12. Phoenix - Who?

13. Mimi Imfurst - eww No!



Season Rankings so far:

1. Season 1- Still the best cast so far

2. Season 2 - The cast wasn't the greatest but had iconic moments

3. Season 3 - First half of the season was terrible. Had some iconic moments throughout though 


Top 10 Favorite Contestants so far in no order:

Bebe Zahara Benet

Nina Flowers

Rebeca Glassock



Tyra Sanchez



Alexis Mateo

Yara Sofia








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