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The Drag Race Rankdown #2

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The self-proclaimed fishiest queen, Vivienne Pinay, is to be cut! I'm cutting a fellow Filipino but that's only because she is an embarrassment. But to be fair though, she is one of the only six contestants to be told that she is just "resting on pretty". She lasted 4 episodes in the show and got eliminated for her boring performance in the Black Swan kind of performance ballet stuff thing. She was in a double elimination with someone I don't remember. Honestly, that lipsync was probably in the top 5 worst lipsyncs ever. It was like watching the wall paint dry up. Anyway, she is not memorable at all and deserves to go. I think this is enough for this write up but yeah bye bye Ms. Pinay! (Elliott tell me if this is not a hundred words okay :dead:)



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I'm down for either method, but I definitely prefer to assess a queen based on their entire body of work. One iteration where we assess the entire body of work makes more sense to me than separating b

I love Shangela and Bianca, but Kristi is obviously winning this.

I love the winners of All-Stars 2, 4 and 3.

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Penny Tration (Season 5)




Penny Tration. The Fan Voted Queen of Season 5. What more is there to say about Penny Tration? Fabulous drag name. Anyways. Penny Tration to this day is the only queen to have ever been voted onto the show by fans through an online competition. Obviously Ru will never revisit this idea considering how poorly Penny Tration did while on the show. Unfortunate considering I really think fans could help to give some super hardworking queens a chance at the limelight. Penny came into the competition with a chip on her shoulder and really expected the other queens to fear her in the competition. Too bad Penny did not last long enough to actually strike fear in anybody, failing miserably to serve Hollywood Glamor and Realness during the Dumpster Dive Maxi Challenge. She landed in the bottom two alongside Serena ChaCha and lip-synced to "Party in the U.S.A." Penny forgot the words to the song, and was swiftly sent home during the first episode. There is not much more to say about her tbh.


SAVING: Mimi Imfurst (S3)

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Naysha Lopez (Season 😎




Naysha Lopez is another first eliminee. Well. Sort of. Naysha Lopez is the first queen eliminated during Season 8, after creating a really mess of a tribute look to the Dime on a Drag runway challenge. This landed Naysha in the bottom two during the first week. She lost her lip-sync against Laila McQueen and was sent home first, on the 100th episode of RPDR. After the surprise double elimination that took both Laila and Dax out of the competition, Naysha was brought back to the competition during Episode 3. She delivered an unmemorable performance as Shortbread during RuCo's Empire, but performed minimally better than Cynthia and Robbie. This means Naysha is one of the few queens to break the Returning Queen Curse. This would be more impressive if she did not fall right back to the bottom of the pack during the New Wave Queens main challenge just the week after. Naysha fell in the bottom two along with her fellow Dragometry sister Chi Chi DeVayne. Chi Chi ate Naysha alive during that lip-sync and eliminated her for the second and final time that season. Though she did not have a successful run on the show, Naysha is a former Miss Continental and clearly a great make-up artist. However, this is an easy elimination to make.


SAVING: Mimi Imfurst (S3)

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Since she’s from Cincinnati, I’d actually seen Penny Tration live a few times - before and after her season. She’s good at what she does (which again, Cincinnati) but i don’t think RDR was the best output option for her. :haha:

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logo tv kenya michaels GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

season 4 logo GIF


First let me say that I feel bad for queens who come on the show who aren't native English speakers. RuPaul's preferred type of drag involves wordplay, acting, and specific cultural references, and it puts queen like Kenya at an immediate disadvantage (and let's be honest, RuPaul even struggled a little bit with the cultural differences in UK and the witty UK girls weren't able to fully express certain references). BUT I did not like Kenya on the show and I'd love to see who @Zoey0069 saves from the remainder of the list. Plus, Kenya was a come-back queen so maybe someone will feel compelled to bring her back for the rankdown. I will not.


Anyway, Kenya was a little fishy queen on Season 4. She is best known for the TRAGIC farting, pill-popping Beyonce Snatch Game, which still confuses and offends me to this day as to wth she was thinking. Granted, the falling out of the chair is hilarious (gif relevant) but it's soooooooooooooo bad so bad. I thought it was the worst one of a terrible bunch that season. Kenya is also known for her TRAGIC "I kInD of LiKe tHe SmElL" in the acting challenge. The way they edited that scene made it look like she was legitimately addled. Also Kenya is known for her TRAGIC lip sync against Latrice Royale to Natural Woman (I think that's what it was) where Latrice gave a legendary performance standing still while Kenya scampered around her. Kenya's treatment of Madame LaQueer on the show was gross. Apparently the PR queens submit a girl every season and Madame LaQueer submitted herself and made Kenya and PR queens mad? Idk but it left a bad taste in my mouth. And what was up with that suspicious mean note that Kenya left for the girls after her elimination where she insulted everyone? Was that even real? Did a producer write it? Strange. Nowadays I think Kenya is a transwoman and maybe a stage manager or venue manager or something for drag queens. Not sure, you can go ahead and Google if you're curious. 

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Yeah, everyone confirmed that a producer wrote that note since the English was too good to be Kenya’s. :haha: She is indeed a trans woman nowadays! She also retired from doing drag/club promoting after being inside Pulse during the shooting. :(

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rupauls drag race venus d lite GIF
Venus D-Lite


You better not expect anything more than a little write up since I remember virtually nothing about these filler queens.


Venus D-Lite is a queen from season three and I always get her confused with Phoenix. However, I think Venus had a decent attitude so I don’t know why? The first main challenge was to create an outfit from decorations and things that you find around Christmas. Some queens did really well and then there was Venus. She was kind of stumbly throughout the lip sync and spent more time trying to throw Shangela off than trying to grab the judges attention. I think that was her ultimate downfall and why she was sent home. Bye!

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season 8 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

Dax ExclamationPoint


I’d like to say Dax is forgettable because she was on a stacked season but that would be a lie. She’s forgettable because she didn’t have a personality to match some of the other queens and just didn’t bring what was needed or expected of her throughout the couple of episodes she was on.


Dax entered the competition dressed as a cheap version of Storm, from X-Men. I can’t say I was that impressed but I liked that someone had finally taken some inspiration from Marvel and brought it to RPDR! She got points for that. I do not remember what Dax brought to the first challenge so it can’t have been the memorable. The main challenge during her elimination was “Bitch Perfect” which was a parody of the incredible Pitch Perfect. Many queens shined during this but Dax just stayed in the shadows and didn’t give 100%. I seem to remember her complaining whilst being a sweaty mess? This challenge was her ultimate downfall and she ended up in the bottom two where she was part of only the second double eliminated in RPDR history. 

saving Sasha Belle.

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9 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Dax is Violet Chachki’s drag mother. That’s about all I know of her. :haha:


Same. Dax draws a ton of inspiration from comic books and frequently cosplays as comic book characters. She is one-fourth of the inspiration for the new Marvel Comics drag queen superhero, Darkveil. Pretty cool.

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Pandora Boxx (AS1)

Monica Beverly Hills

Mrs Kasha Davis


Mercedes Iman Diamond

Ra’jah O’Hara

Mayhem Miller

Ginger Minj (AS2)

The Princess

Delta Work

Morgan McMichaels (S2)

Cynthia Lee Fontaine (S8)

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