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Lauren Alaina Fan Thread


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3 hours ago, BogoGog24 said:

She also made reference to GG being her current single which is obviously old news.

GG is still her current single. It's still the single being pushed to radio. On GMA, it was said that her "new single" is "Run," but there's no signs that is the official new single. There's no official add date, news, etc. about it being the new single. Also, I don't think that is a great choice for the next single. The label should go with one of the duets.

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Just got done watching her livestream show - it was so good! She performed all the songs off the EP plus Getting Good and Road Less Traveled. She performed Jon Pardi's part in Getting Over Him and Lukas Graham recorded a video of himself singing his parts that they played on video screen behind her during What Do You Think Of? The whole show was phenomenal, but What Do You Think Of? was the highlight for sure!


I have obviously watched Lauren perform many times but I've never watched a whole concert of hers before (never attended one), she is not only a supremely talented vocalist but she is also a very dynamic and charismatic performer. She is an absolute star! She also announced she will be doing an hour long virtual show again on October 14th.

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