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Found 1 result

  1. Self-explanatory thread! I hope everybody stops by to see my glorious opinions as I watch all of the seasons of Survivor that I have not seen. Though, I am being guided through by my friends so that I can skip the horrid seasons. LOL. THOUGHTS ON SURVIVOR: VANUATU So the season is apparently unpopular and Jeff Probst considers it bottom five...IDK why though because I thought the season became fascinating post-merge. Sure, pre-merge was pretty unexciting. The gender split format always feels forced on any reality television show, and I much prefer for gender rivalries to arise naturally. However, the dynamics of the women vs. men post-merge was awesome. Then watching the dissolution of the women...so great. The final six women literally carried this season on their backs. WHEW. What an interesting, dynamic, bitchy, deceptive bunch. I loved every bit of those six women going to battle. Every. Single. Bit. The men were completely worthless this season, and only one of the men from the cast is iconic. Final Tribal Council...iconic. Very emotional. Very cutthroat. Great viewing overall. CAST RANKING: 1. Eliza Orlins - ICON. THE WAY SHE KEPT SCRAPING BY AND GENUINELY DID NOT KNOW HOW. THE WAY SHE BLOSSOMED INTO A COMPETITOR THAT DID KNOW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. THE WAY SHE READ TWILA AND CHRIS FOR FILTH AT FINAL TRIBAL. THE WAY SHE DID NOT LET SCOUT OR TWILA BREATHE AND GOT UNDER THEIR SKIN AT EVERY SINGLE TURN OF THE WAY. MY FAVE. SOLID PLAYER. AN ICON. 2. Ami Cusack - Comp beast. Ice queen. Real ass b*tch. Despite knowing the winner beforehand, I still felt like she had a chance at winning. She was such a smart player. I loved her loyalty to the women until Lisa rubbed her the wrong way by a simple comment alone. I loved how she caught Bubba communicating with Lopevi and dragged him. The way she pissed Rory off. Randomly trying to vote for Eliza and not succeeding, then fighting with her in bed together after the reward win Honestly, I had so much fun with her. 3. Twila Tanner - Evil b*tch. LOL. I really started the season thinking I would love her, but the way she dissolved into a chaotic, deceitful, heinous monster by the end of the season. However, I cannot deny that she drove this season along. Without a doubt. And to be honest, Twila (and Scout to a lesser extent) is why Chris won the money. If Twila had played a less cutthroat game with the women post-merge, and did not swear on her child's life, I really think she had a shot at winning the season. But she shot herself in the foot by clashing so hard with the other women and becoming such an insecure mess. But she had so many iconic fights throughout the season: her fight with Mia, her fight with Eliza, her fight with Ami. The way she spied on Eliza talking to Chris. A hot mess, and her performance at Final Tribal was...bad. I think she ended strong with her final speech, but she decided to fight with these women until the. VERY. BITTER. END. LOL. But what a dynamic character. 4. Julie Berry - Okay. She is kind of wallpaper-y for most of the season, but she arrives as a character during the final episodes. I wish more was shown of her close relationship with Chris, since that seemed to be completely edited out and then heavily focused on during her elimination + Final Tribal. But I really liked Julie. I think she played the men of Lopevi very well during the team switch and stuck with a loyal alliance that dragged her until the Final Five. I like that she clocked Twila early on and continued to clock her throughout the competition. I also loved that she essentially admitted to Twila at Final Tribal that she felt nothing towards Twila - AKA she was never going to vote for her. 5. Scout Cloud Lee - Stealth b*tch. LOL. I really slept on Scout at the beginning of the competition, but she really played a pivotal part in the social/mental game played this season. The fact that she single-handedly convinced Twila and Chris to swap allegiances and create a new alliance to carry them three to the finals was pretty masterful. She played a great stealth game, and did not receive a single vote until...Top 6. Obviously she was pretty sh*tty in the competitive portion of the competition, but she stuck to a large alliance to get her far, and then created a smaller, new alliance at the right time to get herself and her Day One to the finals. Though I think she stupidly let Twila infiltrate the game too deep and form a stronger bond with Chris, I cannot deny that Scout really put herself in the best position at all times. I hated her dislike for Eliza, but what a fun and underrated rivalry. 6. Leann Slaby - Leann is far more interesting for what happens to her than she is as a player on her own, but she is obviously a pivotal part of the iconic Final Six Women. Leann seemed to complain a lot about the living situation, which...LOL. But she was a cool personality. I really liked her by the end, and appreciated that she hated the environment, but also felt so strongly about the game. Her elimination at the hands of the women she was seemingly in an alliance with...a blindside that really set the game into motion. The least interesting of the iconic women around for the post-merge, but still an important and likable character. 7. Rory Freeman - The only iconic male of the season. Wow. The way I hated him, but laughed both with and at him for the entire time he spent on the island. I have to hand it to him, his personality is not agreeable at all, and yet he managed to survive far longer than he had any right to. His hatred for the women of Yasur...amazing. His entire time on that tribe is hilarious. Him single-handedly winning challenges for Yasur, and still getting no leeway from the women. LOL. My favorite moment of the season is watching him gleefully cheer at the first tribal council as part of Alinta that he has been redeemed and now has a second chance...only to be booted from the competition. The Rory Effect. Such an iconic, dislikable villain. 8. Chris Daugherty - Meh. I see no icon. I am conflicted. On one hand, I think he did a fine job of navigating himself to the finals, despite his circumstances. However, I do not think he was responsible for his success. I actually think that Twila and Scout are more responsible for his win than he himself is. I think Chris beasted at comps during the tail-end of the game, which was necessary for him to do. But he sort of benefitted from the long-standing tension of the women finally causing an implosion of the alliance + Scout's dislike of Eliza causing her to create a newer alliance. I think he did a very good job at the Final Tribal, but Twila sucked so hard that his win was sort of inevitable...He seemed to have benefitted from the circumstances, rather than set them into motion. The eliminations of Julie and Eliza are probably the only things he can claim he helped to mastermind. His personality was also trash and consisted of talking negatively about women for the entire season... -----HUGE DROP IN INTEREST----- 9. Lisa Keiffer - What a LULZY hypocrite. The way she switched from being angry at the blindside of Dolly to then...blindsiding Mia...and then fighting Eliza because of the switch. Watching Ami ice her out of the competition was awesome. 10. James "Chad" Crittenden - Nice guy, I guess? IDK. He was inoffensive, but boring. 11. Lea "Sarge" Masters - Too much screaming. Too much yelling. Too much talk about women being conniving and manipulative. The way he came at Twila during Final Tribal...OMG. Get over it dude. The way he thought he had a shot at Julie...YIKES. 12. Mia Galeotalanza - I mean...in hindsight, she was completely right about Twila being an evil b*tch. Though I still think what Twila said was inoffensive and pretty true. At least she gave us a fight before leaving the competition. 13. John Kenney - I think he thought he had a shot...lol. He also thought he was masterful for visiting Yasur and asking about Dolly's elimination...he is delusional. 14. Travis "Bubba" Sampson - Ami caught him being shady and swiftly removed his annoying ass from the game. LOL. At least he was a presence. 15. Dolly Neely - Not cut out for this competition and clearly a messy boots. At least I remember her though. 16. John "J.P." Palyok - He thought he had a chance...he had no chance. 17. Brady Finta - WHO 18. Brook Geraghty - WHO MY FAVORITE MOMENT:
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