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Found 13 results

  1. Just like I did with the guys last week, now its the girls's turn.
  2. So I'm grouping the battle and KO pairings to see whose blind is the preferred one out of the two people. Some people may go thinking a certain person was going to win based on blinds, but they could be surprised by the other one. So whose blind you liked better? Choose TEAM KELLY: GNT or Kinsey Jeremy or Jershika Gymani or Aaron TCS or Parker Holly or Wyatt (Not counting Xavier vs Carolina since Xavier was montaged). BATTLES: TEAM ARIANA: David or Chavon Jim/Sasha or Sophia Bella or Katie Rae Ryleigh or KCK3 Raquel or Hailey M Katherine or Vaughn TEAM LEGEND Samuel or KJ Joshua or Keilah Brittany or Samara Shadale or Janora Paris or Jonathan (Not counting Sabrina vs Jack since Sabrina was montaged) TEAM BLAKE: Wendy or Manny Hailey G or Lana LiBianca or Tommy Peedy or TJR (Not counting Carson/Clint or Berritt/Kaitlyn since Clint and Berritt were montaged) KOs: TEAM KELLY GNT or Holly Hailey M or TCS Gymani or Kinsey (Cant count Jeremy vs Xavier, since Xavier was montaged) TEAM ARIANA: Jim/Sasha or Manny Bella or Katherine Ryleigh or David Raquel or Katie Rae TEAM LEGEND: Samuel or Brittany Jershika or Paris Shadale or Samara (Cant count Joshua vs Sabrina since Sabrina was montaged) TEAM BLAKE: Wendy or Jonathan LiBianca or Hailey G Lana or Carson (Cant count Peedy vs Berritt since Berritt was montaged)
  3. Choose. Solely based on auditions. TEAM KELLY: Girl Named Tom Jeremy Rosado Hailey Mia Gymani Brittany Bree (steal) TEAM LEGEND: Samuel Harness Joshua Vacanti Jershika Maple Shadale David Vogel (steal) TEAM ARIANA: Bella Denapoli Ryleigh Plank Jim and Sasha Raquel Trinidad Holly Forbes (steal) TEAM BLAKE: Wendy Moten Peedy Chavis Lana Scott LiBianca Paris Winningham (steal)
  4. Doing this again since some people did it without seeing the auditions first. THIS IS JUST BASED ON AUDITIONS. It could change later. I'm making this same thread after KOs For me: TEAM KELLY: 1. GNT 2. Hailey 3. Jeremy 4. Gymani 5. Brittany TEAM LEGEND: 1. Samuel 2. David 3. Joshua 4. Shadale 5. Jershika TEAM ARIANA: 1. Holly 2. Jim/Sasha 3. Bella 4. Ryleigh 5. Raquel TEAM BLAKE: 1. Peedy 2. Wendy 3. Lana 4. Paris 5. LiBianca. (I'm starting to think she could be the coach save though, given Blake's sincere pitch).
  5. Since all of the guys that made the playoffs already aired, I thought about doing this poll. I'll do one for the girls that made playoffs next week when all of their blinds air. Choose. Rank them. Whatever you like lol.
  6. We got 9 artists that made lives on Week 1. We're missing 11. Predict in what episode they will be featured (prepare to flop lol) Jeremy Ryleigh David Brittany Shadale Bella Raquel Holly Jershika LiBianca Hailey M Ep 3: Holly Raquel Hailey M Jeremy Ep 4: Ryleigh Brittany Ep 5: Bella David Shadale Ep 6: Jershika
  7. Judging by their online material and their results in battles and KOs, try to guess (just for fun), how many chairs the following members of the Top 20 turned (given that we don't know that info yet). I'm not including "Joshua" given that we havent heard him yet. Paris Winningham Peedy Chavis Jim and Sasha Samuel Harness Lana Scott Shadale Johnson
  8. Which is your favorite? We discussed this a bit in the Spoilers thread. I'm curious to see what people think and to have it all consolidated in one place. Let me know if you want me to add anyone; I just included the ones that were discussed in the Spoilers thread.
  9. Gold Dust Woman - Kat Perkins, Kayley Hill, Cassidy Lee, Jordan Matthew Young We Belong - Erin Willett vs Gwen Sebastian, Kat Robichaud, Kat Hammock and Hello Sunday, Pete Mroz Take Me To Church - Matt McAndrew, India Carney, We McDonald, Stephan Marcellus, Christiana Danielle, Carter Lloyd Horne, Cam Anthony Let Her Go - Cole Vosbury, Kristen Merlin, Justin Johnes, Anita Antoinette, Anna Grace Leave the Pieces - Summer Schappell vs Hanna Ashbrook, Gracee Shriver, Emma Caroline Free Your Mind - Devyn DeLorea vs MarissaAnn, Dana Monique Rainbow - Gracee Shriver, CammWess, Rachel Mac Put Your Records On - Nicholas David, Danielle Bradbery vs Caroline Glaser, Reagan James, Jaclyn Lovey, Clerida, Andrew Marshall Need U Bad - Kelsea Johnson, Pia Renee I Wish - Tyler Montgomery, Tonya Boyd Cannon, TSoul with Jesse Larson, Victor Solomon Dangerous Woman - Ali Caldwell, Sammie Zonana, Chris Weaver vs Kathrina Feigh, SandyRedd, Zania Alake Red Dirt Road - Matt Snook, Ben Allen, Kenzie Wheeler Always Remember Us This Way - Katie Kadan, Zan Fiskum, Gihanna Zoe Barracuda - Kat Perkins, Kota Wade, Natalie Brady, Savanna Woods
  10. My predictions Night 1 Jordan vs Ethan Corey vs Ryleigh. Leak Zania vs Rio Dana vs Keegan Gean vs Victor Pete vs Andrew Night 2 Rachel vs Zae. Leak Kenzie vs Avery Pia vs Ciana Cam vs Connor Raine vs Jose. Montage Ghianna vs Anna Four way knockout
  11. Since we know next week is fodder week, lets just power rank the live teams solely based on their auditions. (Not your favorite, this is a power ranking in terms of who do you think will do better with votes as of now.) TEAM BLAKE LIVE TEAM: Cam, Pete, Jordan, Anna, Emma (if she wins KO) My power ranking so far based on auditions: 1. Pete 2. Cam 3. Jordan (the off comment puts him lower, plus he didnt really bring it last night) 4. Emma (if she wins KO) 5. Anna Grace
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