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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I’m here to bring my chaotic brand of rankings from the American Idol subforum to The Masked Singer one. In this thread I’ll rank every masked act from S1-S5. A few things to keep in mind while reading this thread: These are only my personal opinions. I’m just some random weirdo on the Internet, so my thoughts won't have any impact on the rest of the world. If I rank anyone’s favorite act low, it’s nothing personal. I’ll try to be respectful, but at the same time I’ll try to have fun and give my honest opinions. The rankings and opinions will mostly reflect what the acts do on the show. Outside influences (i.e. politics, lifestyles, etc.) will have very little if any impact on them. For anyone who hasn’t watched any of the show and is following the list, there WILL be spoilers. I will reveal the acts along with their costumes, so consider this a warning should anyone decide to read beyond this point. Seeing that the S5 Finale is happening tomorrow night, I’ll try to start this ranking this weekend. All of the placements of the acts should be settled by that time. I’m looking forward to starting this thing and reading anyone’s thoughts about my rankings. Hopefully there is something to enjoy on this crazy roller-coaster ride in some form or another!
  2. Hey y’all I decided to rank all seasons of The Voice from Season 5 up until Season 21. This thread will be similar to how @Bk1234 and @VintageVoice do rankings for each contestant during an after season, instead this one will be for every season from season 5 up until season 21 . I will post batch of clues for each season making it a total of 16 Clues with each day me posting 2 clues! I hope y’all enjoy! 1. Guys please please please participate and enjoy this thread! I’m not that good at clues Lol, so If I make a few mistakes just know I tried my best! 2. Please don’t get offended at my opinions and how I may rank all seasons… some of you may have started watching from seasons 12 or 10 or even 8, but just know It’s my opinion and I hope y’all enjoy everything I write and type! 3. I’m kind of a slow person so I will possibly post first batch of clues today afternoon. 4. Each season ranking will be ranked due to format, coaches decisions, winner, and how consistent the season is! Hope y’all enjoy!!!!
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