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Found 6 results

  1. JC

    Cyber Idol IV

    This series originated over a decade ago, and after a long hiatus and a triad of successful, bold seasons, it is back to slay the day away! This reboot will (hopefully) fare better than American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, I promise! Cyber Idol discovered Jessica Sanchez before American Idol and Ariana Grande before she blew up, as well as a multitude of other stars including Charlie Puth and Max Schneider before they invaded our radios and mainstream media! This season could very well uncover the newest big pop star, rock legend, or R&B diva... *This season is going to function a little differently as a number of judges/mentors will take over and work to get their acts to the Cyber Idol title! Please be active if you sign-up, otherwise you will accumulate strikes and I will replace you.* SERIES HISTORY I) Winner: Sam Tsui | Runner-Up: Tyler Ward II) Winner: Jessica Sanchez | Runner-Up: Eli Lieb III) Winner: Max Schneider | Runner-Up: Ariana Grande
  2. The Voice U.S. Season 13 A-Kid's Redux What's up y'all??? Since we are like really doomed and can't go out because of the quarantine. I have thought of being productive and try to make me and my co-fans of TVUS happy by making a redux of one of its seasons! Can y'all believe it that this is already my 3rd Voice Redux?! That's crazy, but without all of you supporting, this won't be possible. So here ya go, this time I will be making a redux of one of the seasons where artists are crazy talented. Goodluck to me and goodluck to YOU. Hopefully, you can support me again this time, I'll make it better and bigger than my past redux, I promise!
  3. ASB 7 Background For those that don't know ASB (or "Auditionees Strike Back") was a So You Think You Can Dance redux created by Jimmy (buffmetube). Over the years, the redux featured contestants like Mariah Spears, Serge Onik, Emilio Dosal and runner-up Jaja Vankova long before their runs on the show. In 2015, the redux had started, but never finished, its sixth season. I've decided to revive the redux with a seventh season featuring contestants from the seasons since ASB6 was cast (Seasons 14, 15 and 16). The format will be similar to seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11 where the Top 20 will dance in pairs until the Top 10, where they will begin dancing with All Stars. Cast Top 10 Guys 1. Aleksandr Ostanin (Tap) 2. Allen Genkin (Ballroom) 3. Howard Johnson (Contemporary/Jazz) 4. Jarrod Tyler Paulson (Contemporary) 5. Justin Pham (Contemporary) 6. Kevin "KonKrete" Davis Jr. (Hip-hop) 7. Kyle Bennett Jr. (Animation) 8. Nathan Cherry (Hip-hop) 9. Peyton Albrecht (Contemporary) 10. Vlad Kvartin (Ballroom) Top 10 Girls 1. Brianna Penrose (Tap) 2. Dayna Madison (Jazz) 3. Kennedy Brown (Ballet) 4. Nathalie Delgado (Hip-hop) 5. Nazz Syldran (Ballroom) 6. Ramita Ravi (Bollywood/Contemporary) 7. Sarah "Smac" McCreanor (Jazz) 8. Sofia Ghavami (Ballroom) 9. Sumi Oshima (Hip-hop) 10. Sydney Moss (Contemporary) Episodes Top 20 Performance Show
  4. Hello! It's me again, A-Kid. Time for another The Voice Redux! I have put a poll on my last the voice redux (s18) about what season would you like for me to have a redux, and many answered Season 17! I do believe that this season had many great talents, and I'm excited for how this redux turns out. Hopefully, y'all can support me like how you supported me in my last! If you want a summary of this season, go check out @IAN27TAY's comment in the link below, and do me a favor please, give his comment a thanks or like react. Thank you
  5. Hello! This is actually my first time using this forum using an account. I've been a fan of the show since season 3, and yeah I just wanted to try this. Hopefully some will see and support me hahaha
  6. Hi! This'll be my first time to post a topic here at idolforums in the american idol category. I'll make a redux of this season and I'll make it as interactive as I can. Hopefully y'all will participate. I'll be starting in the Hawaii Showcase Round.
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