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  1. That was a good choice by Camilla probably more memorable than My Oh My would've been
  2. Camilla singing to her dad or Shawn? So her dad got it
  3. No surprise Speechless won that song was massive. Also Usher is killing it
  4. Always thought this was one of the best songs on the album not sure why this seems to be such a polarizing choice. Along with The Man; Cruel Summer, Miss Americana and I Think He Knows deserve to be singles as well IMO. Im afraid at least two of those are going to get robbed while she wasted spots on Me and Lover.
  5. Yeah from small venues of 20+ people to sold out stadiums around the globe of over 100K, not to mention the billions of streams and multitude of awards. Its unbelieveable how far she's come this fast. New song Physical coming Friday Jan 31st.
  6. Fan List 1. kclarkson1323 2. x3 beca use of u
  7. Copy and paste the full youtube link and it will show up
  8. So nice to just be able to copy and paste youtube links now
  9. Wrapped In Red was named the best Christmas album of the 21st century by Billboard. http://redirect.viglink.com/?key=71fe2139a...pression%3Dtrue
  10. Well I didn't create it so Im not sure where it came from :roll:
  11. 1. Cassadee Pope 2. Maelyn Jarmon 3. Danielle Bradbery 4. Alisan Porter 5. Chloe Kohanski 6. Tessanne Chin 7. Josh Kaufman 8. Jordan Smith 9. Brynn Cartelli 10. Javier Colon 11. Sawyer Fredricks 12. Chris Blue 13. Craig Wayne Boyd 14. Chevel Shepherd 15. Sundance Head 16. Jermaine Paul 17. Jake Hoot
  12. If im John im cancelling dinner. Yeah TPTB did not manipulate it for a Hoot win that's just the majority viewership of this show unfortunately. Too bad IDF doesn't control the vote we know good winners.
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